(Stirling's) Urban Components

Within Leon Krier's diagram of Urban Components of 1976 there are a few not so subtle references to the architecture of James Stirling, and, therefore, the overall negative tone of Krier's drawing is also an indirect critique of Stirling's modernist architectural style. Krier was once closely associated with Stirling's architectural practice, and indeed was the delineators of many Stirling designs. The association ended on less than positive terms, however, and therefore Krier's diagram may also be a reflection of that unfortunate occurrance. Stirling, on the other hand and not to be outdone, twelve years later takes one of the buildings within Krier's diagram and applies it to his Seville Stadium Development design of 1988, thereby adding an ambiguous symbioses between precedent and inspiration.

OMA, Patiovilla (Rotterdam: 1988).

OMA, Netherlands Architecture Institute (Rotterdam, 1988).

James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates, Performing Arts Center (Cornell University: perspective section through proscenium theater with stage backdrop depicting phase one lifting to show backdrop depicting phase two of the building's design, 1983-88).



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