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Stephen Lauf, A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part I (Xlibris, 2005.08.15).
A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit regards how symbolism in architecture comes to be and is hence perceived. Part I, written between 26 May 1998 and 8 April 2000, comprises "A Preprandial Aperitif," "Cucumber Slices, Caviar and 'Sociables' Crackers" and "Spinach and Mushroom Salad." This volume begins with, "An additional way to look at the "architecture" of cyberspace is as a kind of parallel existence to the real world," and ends with, "The heliocentric theory, therefore, successfully resolved a duality deeply rooted in human thinking, and, thus, instituted a new consciousness for humanity."




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