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Put St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert inside of Hurva Synagogue as per the Department of Architectural Scale exhibit.

2005.03.22 10:26
church and synagogue
Since learning that Le Corbusier's St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert is again under construction and slated for completion 2006, I had been thinking about the 3D CAD model of this building design in Quondam's collection. I was reminded of (a set of 1998 Quondam web pages that exhibited) how the plan of St. Pierre fit very nicely into the sanctuary of Louis Kahn's Hurva Synagogue.
Yesterday, I placed the model of St. Pierre inside the model of Hurva Synagogue, and started rendering images of the results. I thought I was really just playing until I thought about the architectural implications of designing a Roman Catholic Church within a Jewish Synagogue. Would such an architecture speak to how Christianity is more or less wrapped in Judaism? And, given the nature of the Hurva Synagogue design, there is every evocation of St. Pierre being "wrapped with ruins."

2005.03.22 12:06
my first 3D CAD model of a Mosque
You know that St. Pierre Hurva Synagogue model I just wrote about generating yesterday? Well, you know what? It looks just like a Mosque! Does that mean that Islam is wrapped in Christianity?

...a new breed of architecture after St. Pierre/Hurva Synagogue.

2005.03.29 14:43
degrees of separation OR creativity as parody
The notion of reenacting the Trilon and Perisphere of 1939-40 at Ground Zero today is probably technically copyright infringement. I wonder who owns the Trilon and Perisphere design.
Yesterday's New York Times had an article about the possible copyright infringement manifest by the latest Freedom Tower design. I didn't read the article nor save it.
Anyway, today's New York Times has two articles, one about reenactment and one (possible) copyright infringement.
Documentary Criticized for Re-enacted Scenes
Historic Epic is Focus of Copyright Dispute
I thinking about the issue that exists that is more a combination of these two stories, and how creativity gets/is involved.
Technically, the St. Pierre Hurva Synagogue is copyright infringement, even if it's existence as a design is only virtual. What allows this design to exist, however, is the 'fair use' clause of copyright law which allows use of copyright material for educational and/or non-commercial use. Or I could label this work as parody, which makes the St. Pierre Hurva Synagogue design a matter of social commentary and/or self expression.

2007.01.19 15:31
here's another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA
Mies wrapped around a factory.
What's next? Kahn wrapped around Le Corbusier?
Koolhaas is so reenactionary. I love it!

2007.04.23 13:41
Featured Discussion: Volume
I have no idea if this is so, but I wonder if this composition might be an example of de-territorialized architecture... ...Mosque Q.

2007.04.23 17:08
Featured Discussion: Volume
St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert by Le Corbusier
Hurva Synagogue by Kahn
composition ss 1 a : the act or action of composing   : the formation of a whole especially by different things being put together
To confuse or not to confuse, that is de-territorialization?
The church/synagogue composition came as a result of seeing how the plan of the church fit almost perfectly within the sanctuary(?) of the synagogue. And, since I had a model of both buildings, I just wanted to see the superimposition in 3D. And upon seeing that I thought, "Gosh, that kinda looks like a mosque." Trust me, de-territorialized thinking isn't necessarily brilliant, although for the most part uninhibited.

2011.09.12 11:46
What would happen if you mix two master architects with opposing styles?
Le Corbusier - Kahn: Mosque Q
Le Corbusier - Venturi: Gooding Trice Villa
Schinkel - Trumbauer - Hejduk - Stirling: Cut & Paste Museum
early Le Corbusier - late Le Corbusier: HQ of DATA
Le Corbusier - Hejduk: Villa + 15
Mies van der Rohe - Hejduk: Courthouse Plus Ultra

2012.09.30 16:51
I too have been following...
Kazys, I too have been following the latest 'designs' featured at Archive of Affinities, and I'm somewhat reminded of some of the 'designs' that came out of Quondam between 1999 and 2008. Seeing as you see the designs from Archive of Affinities as 'atemporality at work', I'm curious what you might think of the (not all too dissimilar) designs at Quondam.
Go and check out the following: Ur-Ottopia House, Ludi 002, Good-Bye House, Mikveh PMP, Dominican Fortress, Mosque Q, House of Shadows Bye, Gooding Trice House, Le Composites, Cut & Paste Museum, Headquarters of D.A.T.A., Villa Plus Ultra, Courthouse Plus Ultra.
With a few exceptions, the buildings are 're-combined' at the same scale, and offer an 'other' (fictional?) rendition of architectural history. If nothing else, I'd like to have a better focus of what it is exactly that these building designs might represent--postmodernity or perhaps atemporality.




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