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There is a pattern to the height of the world's tallest buildings. The first set, the Pyramids, the Cathedral of Beauvais, the Washington Monument, were all close to 500 feet. Then, with the Eiffel Tower, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building, the height jumped approximately. another 500 feet to level off at close to 1000 ft. Now, in our time, with the World Trade Center, the Sears Tower, the twin towers at Kuala Lumpur, and most of the others on the drawing board, the top level is close to 1500 feet. I'd say that for the next building attaining the status of world's tallest to really matter, it has to reach close to 2000 feet.

2003.06.20 16:15
tallest buildings
For millennia, the tallest building in the world was the Great Pyramid at Giza (roughly 480 feet), whose 'world record' was first beaten (by about 20 feet) by the tower of the Cathedral of Beauvais. Alas the Beauvais tower collapsed c. 1575 after maybe 50 years of being the world's tallest. So, then the Great Pyramid was again the tallest in the world, except at some 'point' the second pyramid at Giza became taller than the Great Pyramid due to the second's tip still being there, while the Great's tip having somewhat crumbled away.
Funny how another ancient Egyptian form in 1855(!) finally superseded the Pyramids in height--the Washington Monument at 555 feet.
Now, making a long story short, the Eiffel Tower brought 'buildings' close to 1000 feet, and then the World Trade Center towers brought buildings close to 1500 feet. Given all that, seeing buildings at 2000 feet appears to be more than a stretch.
It is probably not at all outlandish to think that some day, perhaps in some millennia to come, that the pyramids at Giza will again be the world's tallest buildings.




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