Le Corbusier

Villa Garches     Paris


...an analysis of the Villa Stein de Monzie and the Villa Garches and the introduction of the promenade architecturale.

scale and architecture
...a collection of 3D houses, Villa Savoye, Villa Garches, Villa Stein de de Monzie, Wall House 2, housing for La Villette, Houses Under a Common Roof, Gooding House, Maison l'Homme, Maison Dom-ino, and do a study in plan, elevation, axon, and perspective of these buildings standing beside each other.

Sony Metreon
"As homes the Jaoul houses are almost cozy and could be inhabited by any civilized family, urban or rural. They are built by and intended for the status quo. Conversely, it is difficult to imagine Garches being lived in spontaneously except by such as the Sitwells, with never less than half a dozen brilliant, and permanent, guests. Utopian, it anticipates, and participates in, the progress of twentieth-century emancipation. A monument, not to an age which is dead, but to a way of life which has not generally arrived, and a continuous reminder of the quality to which all architects must aspire if modern architecture is to retain its vitality."
James Stirling, the last paragraph of "From Garches to Jaoul - Le Corbusier as domestic architect in 1927 and 1953"



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