record of Le Corbusier architecture, etc.

record of Le Corbusier architecture, etc.
In a few days I will be done the Le Corbusier plan and elevation work, and I look forward to the record of the work. I still have the Tower of Shadows and the Museum of Knowledge elevations to do.


      1914. Maison Dom-ino
      1927. Villa Stein de Monzie
      1927. Villa à Garches
      1929. Composition Three
      1929. Villa Savoye
1930-31. Pavillon Suisse
1951-56. Palace of Assembly
1951-53. Governor's Palace
1952-60. Monastery of La Tourette
1960-65. Museum of Knowledge
1960-65. Tower of Shadows
1961-64. Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
      1963. St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert
1963-64. Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti
1963-67. Maison l'Homme
      1964. Palais des Congrès




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