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Exhibit Graphics: Inspiration
Create a 3D model of Krier's junk city.

the prophetic architecture of Leon Krier
After seeing the Munich church in the latest Architecture, I was immediately reminded of those "awful" modern buildings that Krier draws as critique of the modern. I could use these very drawings to design 3D buildings, also as critique (of the critique). This exercise may work well within TX2, too.

2003.01.10 19:02
Re: the dead end of urbanism as we know it
Check out Le Corbusier's plan for rebuilding Berlin (1961, i.e., just before the Wall) at the end of volume 7 of the Oeuvre Complete. In retrospect, it is almost bizarre in its intentions. Note the reenactment of Chandigarh's Great Assembly next to the Reichstag! And the gigantic pronged towers scattered in the east. Urbanism, architecturism and spacism all in one plan.
It's funny. I really like this plan, and would love to see it executed, but not at the cost of losing Berlin in the process. If Disney, for example, ever wants to (again) do a great thematic 'FutureTown' (they actually called it TomorrowLand, didn't they?) they should simply enact this plan, and maybe put a big wall around it. I think I'd even like to like there. A kind of beyond virtual Berlin, like a new double Berlin, again.
And here's something that's really interesting in its obscurity. Remember all those little sketches depicting bad modern building design that Leon Krier used to draw as contrast to his 'good' designs? I'm betting big money that Krier actually used the axonometric of Le Corbusier's Berlin plan (OC, vol. 7, p.234) as 'inspiration'. The 'lightening-bolt buildings just south of the Tiergarten are a dead give-a-way. Now I know why I always thought those sketches were actually the best buildings Krier ever designed.

scale comparisons
1. compare Urban Components with Franklin Square.
2. compare Urban Components with the Fragment Museum.

Urban Components :: Fragment Museum
It may well be that the inspiration for the Fragment Museum was indeed Leon Krier's Urban Components.




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