Leon Krier, Urban Components (In Plan and Silhouette) (1976).
The zoning of modern cities has resulted in the random distribution of both public and private buildings. The artificiality and wastefulness of zoning has destroyed our cities.
Leon Krier, "Leon Krier - Houses, Palaces, Cities," Architectural Design, vol. 54, no. 7-8, 1979.
In his effort to illustrate the ill effects of a modern zoning that caters largely to particular ends rather than acting in deference to a wider context, Krier chose to diagrammatically represent both the haphazard placement of buildings as well as the excessive pluralism of late-modern architectural design. Furthermore, the superimposition of a bold red "X" over the diagram makes it visually obvious that Krier wishes to negate this condition.
Although inauspicious, Krier's sketch, nonetheless, inadvertently provides what is essentially a rare pictorial interpretation of the real condition prevalent in today's built environment. Thus, when looked at in a slightly positive light, and without much further use of the imagination, Krier's simple sketch readily becomes what may best be described as a virtual museum of desultory late-twentieth-century architecture.
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