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House in Laguna 001    


Acropolis Q   2266
House in Laguna 002   2322

A (pre) Virtual Museum of Architecture     3123m

A Museum of Architectural Ideas     1991

...working on laguna.db... ...start the "museum of architectural ideas." ...the first time using the computer 3D in a design process.

...last created the contours of the hill (like digital terrain modeling).
The sign on the pylons is only half done... ...don't see the relevance of having the Apollo w/circle and square anymore. ...what is the other pylon going to depict? (Maybe depict the plan of the complex?). ...skeletal structure of the pylons, (i.e., steel frame with stone slabs attached).
...plans showing the annex to the box on stilts. ...experiment with placing art work and models within the museum...

Ichnographia as a base for Quondam models
...the idea of placing the model collection into some kind of context--an imaginary context--and now the idea of using the Ichnographia as the base plan for the context. Moreover, the "program" of the Ichnographia could inform the museum context. For example, the Porticus Septa Julia is analogous to Plecnik's Houses Under a Common Roof (although perhaps not close in scale?). This presents the opportunity to place other models in other analogous situations.
...including Parkway Interpolation as well as the whole Center City model. This is also the prefect environment for the library elements, and indeed all the 2d and 3d data.
...the makings of an extremely virtual place. Like the Ichnographia, the whole design could manifest a message, and that message may be a critique of architecture today, starting with putting Laguna, Mayor and Wacko in place of the Garden of Satire.

Additive/Reductive Form
The design Acropolis Q originated as a 'mythical' House in Laguna with Spears.
The three houses of Acropolis Q are designs that originated as single plan sketches drawn in the 1980s, which have hence been elaborated upon via CAD throughout the 1990s.

...looked at Vittorio De Feo work--likely inspiration for the House in Laguna stairs came from; is the current architectural revival of the '50s and the '60s going to be followed by a digital redux of the '70s?

2002.06.16 15:23
houses that morph...
The Maison Millenniums, the Houses for a Schizophrenic [Brother], and House in Laguna 001, are all virtual houses that morph to demonstrate that morphing is easy and an inert quality of being/remaining virtual.



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