19 December

1878 death of Joseph Nash

1998.12.19     3716b 4413

2000.12.19     3815 3899w

2001.12.19 12:44     3737c

nimiety of ideas
2001.12.19     2093 2267 3142c 3730e 3765 3777d 3786d 3789c 4012g 5901e

2004.12.19     2092 2141 2389 3723 3770j 3786i 4411e

Re: moved
2004.12.19 18:23     2348 3778b

Leaving Obscurity Behind ideas
2004.12.19     3754e

Durand plans and IQ/New Not There City
2008.12.19     2092 2392 3142d 3200 3522 3730j 3750d 3778b 3789d

Quondam and IQ
2008.12.19     2392 3778b

EM2N   New Hotel   Munich

Steven Holl   Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU   Richmond

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.12.19)

99121901 Arcadia Pavilion plan, model perspectives axonometrics   2258i01
99121902 Salmon's kitchen plan development
99121903 Wallraf-Richartz Museum, perspective   2227i02

2001.12.19 12:44
I'm currently working through a new idea regarding Piranesi in that what we see of his work is more like a shadow of his real "draughtsmanship". The bulk of Piranesi's real work is the collection of engraved copper plates themselves. The prints that we see are more like a reflection/shadow of the real work. Piranesi's real draughtsmanship exists on/within the copper plates.

041219a Romaphilia selected landmarks Parkway Vatican Bustum Hadriani Independence Mall etc.  2348i10

12121901 mesh surface model (all single lines) perspective   2402i17   b
12121902 Wave Wall House 2 model   2410i01

15121901   Parkway Interpolation most complete plan 13022301 model   2278i16   b   c
15121902   Sober House 1 ist floor plan   2286i09

16121901 GAUA 104 level one schematic model   2458i10
16121902 GAUA 104 level one schematic model opaque off
16121903 GAUA 104 level one axonometrics raw   2458i11

17121901   Gothenburg Law Courts plan section elevation   216ci01
17121902   Palace of Versailles at Philadelphia Museum of Art Parkway Interpolation IQ0 IQ 18 19 22 23 plans 8800x4400  
17121903 Palace of Versailles at Philadelphia City Hall IQ 19 plans  
17121904 Palace of Versailles at Independence Hall Mikveh Israel Synagogue IQ 16 20 plans 8800x4400  

17121901   EM2N   New Hotel   Munich
17121902   Steven Holl   Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU   Richmond

18121901 GAUA11 Arch of Constantine Tugendhat House De Vore House Kimbell Art Museum National Museum of Roman Art Museum of Architecture Analogous Building Working Title Museum 004 Savoye Shadows Annexation plans placed   2429i381

19121901 Fragmented Architectural History Department perspectives   2485i09

20121901   iqq18 plan work images   2468i116




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