Green Enfilade House

Stephen Lauf, Green Enfilade House (ink, pencil, color paint chips on Strathmore board: 1984.11.03).

paint-chip plan at usr/museum
There is a paint-chip plan in one of the quadrants of the incomplete third series that I want to input into the computer and also incorporate into the /usr/museum group.

2005.05.15 20:02
The Planless House
I was 3 when that cascading Green Enfilade was drawn...
Curiously, this was on Archidose a week ago...

Nice use of stencils, by the way.

Precursor to the Green Enfilade House is a collage composed more than a year earlier, comprised of color paint chips and the inclusion of door swing and mechanical unit symbols.

2009.09.30 21:33
Information Architects Talking About Architects and Architecture
Presently, I like to design delivery of content in the enfilade slash labyrinth style.
Perhaps, someday, I'll design some delivery of content following the architecturale promenade formula.
Actually, I've been struggling with a big design/renovation brief, the solution to which has been eluding me for well over a month now. Alas, today, while just stepping out of the shower, it finally dawned on me--delivery of content in the enfilade slash labyrinth style via bilocation.
Is subtext actually text bilocated?



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