2 June

feasts of Sts. Marcellinus and Peter

paint-chip plan at usr/museum
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contiguous elements
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Hadrian, Plotina, and Paulina Domitia, etc.
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Signs of SagaCity
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notes on Imperials

Re: Mystery Art Book
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Re: the Edifice Complex
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Kubrick, 2001 & 9-11
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Archinect Book Club?
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Archinect @ Postopolis!
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2 June
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“Technology is a cruel tool" -Peter Eisenman
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Fuck the White Gods
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The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
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Peter Zumthor   Zinc Mine Museum Project   Sauda   Norway

2005.06.02 17:59
Re: the Edifice Complex
Maybe one aspect of the problem is that "creative context" is not just necessarily geographically based, meaning, an artist's context does not just necessarily mean the location within which the artists creates. Just because Gehry was in contact with other artists at Venice Beach, does that automatically mean that the work of these artists influenced Gehry's architecture? Again, not necessarily.
I do think creative context is at least often enough chronologically based. What else was going on around the world 1962-78? For example, what were the Progressive Architecture Design Awards like during those years?
I know I've seen working drawings of the chain link fence at Venturi & Rauch's Guild House (1960-66). Were these drawings published where other architects could see them back then? The earliest use of chain link fence by Gehry (that I can find) is at Santa Monica Place (1972-74). Interestingly, the big sign of Santa Monica Place evokes the Venturi & Rauch 1000 Oaks Civic Center competition design (1969) which was (at least) published in Learning from Las Vegas (1972). I wonder if any of these architects know that Karl F. Schinkel designed at Schloss Glienicke, Berlin (c. 1830?) what may be the first chain link fence ever.

2005.06.02 13:15
Kubrick, 2001 & 9-11
So the Lunar Monolith reenacts a Miesian slab and God as well?
I wonder how differently humanity would be thinking about architecture these days if the Great Pyramid was still like brand new. Blinded by the light, maybe?

09060201 IQ08 Berlin Wave Lustgarten model   2334i02   b   c
09060202 IQ08 Offices for the Neue Packhof model   2122i03   b
09060203 IQ08 Wallraf-Richartz Museum model   2227i07   b

11060201 Eclectic Houses with domestic elevations   223ai03

2014.06.02 18:47
2 June
Lotus International 22
GA Document 7
El Croqius 67

16060201   Peter Zumthor   Zinc Mine Museum Project   Sauda   Norway

18060201 Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes plan   2216i15

20060201   Tower for PMP plus half plans   2207i07





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