Histoire de l'art par les monuments...


Principal form of the vaults and ceilings employed in the sacred buildings during the decadence in art

1. Interior of the Pantheon of Rome; it is crowned by a semicircular dome, the largest of its class.

2. Interior view of the Basilica of St. Paul outside the walls of Rome, showing the wooden roof. 4/.

3. Principal nave of Sta. Maria Maggiore at Rome; it is covered by a ceiling of the greatest richness, the work of the fifteenth century. 65/3-4.

4. The great nave of St. Peter's; the vault is executed in stucco gilt, of the greatest magnificence. 59/-62/.

5. Part of the Church of St. Ouen at Rouen in 1318; the roof is formed of pointed arches, crossing diagonally. 41/2-8.




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