regarding the Hurva Synagogue

split elevations   Altes Museum   Hurva Synagogue

regarding the Hurva Synagogue Hurva brings up some very interesting scale issues, especially with regard to its "new" use of a double high order (the prayer cells) and its double high porch. This aspect makes the synagogue comparable to the Altes Museum (split elevation, Hurva rotated 450). The prayer cells do make Hurva monumental and it is this exterior monumental scale that reflects and complements the interior monumental space.
Rotating the plan of Hurva 450 also brings to mind a comparison with the Villa Rotonda (stairs in all four direction and a central space surrounded by smaller cells; a plan and elevational split comparison). This comparison brings up the issue of the Greek Cross plan and whether Kahn was merely rotating the Greek Cross 450 when he was conceptualizing the design of Hurva.

split elevations   Villa Rotonda   Hurva Synagogue




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