new not there city

2013.03.22 19:53
Old school - when it was done manually - anyone care to share some old work?
As far as this thread is concerned, my interest is not in hand drawing vs. CAD, rather the nature of architectural drawing before CAD and after CAD. Steven, in another thread you mention that you now-a-days draw mostly by hand. Given that this is a post-CAD situation, I'm interested in learning why you think that that's now the case for you, and also what type of drawing are you actually doing (sketch? drafting? CDs?).
Regarding S's point on 'design legacy in drawings,' I'd add that all architectural drawings, from the far past to the present, have an innate 'virtual' quality in that they're all about a building except for being the building itself. And one of the things that CAD has done is make this virtual quality more fully operational, thus significant degrees closer to an actual building. For example, in CAD everything is drawn at 'actual scale,' thus any plan or model is by default in true scale relation to any other plan or model.
It didn't take all that long to fix the scale of New Not There City. I found an older database with enough scale items to assure me that the new plan was not way out of whack.

I started adding some specific places to the plan, like where I live, the quondam Ury Farm...

...and Pruitt-Igoe Housing!

Don't forget, Rome wasn't built in a day either, although the blue Xed squares in the top two drawings is already the plan of the Great Pryamids.




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