22 March

1602 death of Agostino Caracci
1667 death of Francois des Royers de la Valfenière

1720 birth of Nicolas Henri Jardin

1875 birth of Alexander Thomson

book proposal
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animated gif @ the Altes Museum
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(most modern?) rear-view architecture
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Re: Aesthetic Intentions
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PMP display in QA001
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Ridgeway House

today coincidentally
2003.03.22 16:09

Re: any artists that make images like lichtensteins brushstrokes
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church and synagogue
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my first 3D CAD model of a Mosque
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Thread Central
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FUNCTION - physical or metaphysical
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Archiencters and their material posessions
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Zumthor "Thinking Architecture"
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Architecture as Signal
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taking sexy back
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Eisenman vs Zumthor theoretical approach
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bilocation, etc.
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21 March
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Old school - when it was done manually - anyone care to share some old work?
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21 March
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Take a Tour of Ancient Rome, 320 CE
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Pondering the cultural value of Frank Gehry's Winton Guest House
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Random Thought #4.1: Chemicals, no options (apparently), and Half-way up the Space Elevator Cable over Liberland: 15th Annual Parametric Convention
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OMA   Whitney Museum Extension   New York

Smiljan Radic   Puerta Las Condes   Santiago

1999.03.22 18:37
(most modern?) rear-view architecture
...[the] suggestion of hi-tech military tents as ideal housing for the homeless is a definate forerunner for the "most modern building of the 21st century" category.

2000.03.22 10:52
Re: Aesthetic Intentions
Ludwig II of Bavaria well understood the potential of absolute monarchy, and it seems architecturally evident that he intended to fulfill that potential. I doubt it escaped Ludwig's cognition that monarchs are rare, absolute monarchs even more rare, and mid-nineteenth century monarchs (like himself), absolute or otherwise, were an endangered species.
Ludwig II took the notion of (European) absolute monarchy to its final extreme, and each of his major buildings, Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, and Herrenchimsee, are Gesamptkunstwerks (architecture, decorative arts, music, theater, mythology) that reenact absolute monarchy, as much as they represent a race against time (specifically, the race of European monarchy against time). Ludwig and his younger brother Otto (the real mentally ill member of his immediate family) were literally the end of their family's line. Ludwig was an extreme European monarch in every sense, and his architecture is also extreme European royal architecture in every sense--consummate examples of Zeitgeist and its effects.
I believe Ludwig II achieved his intentions as far as he could take them. But I doubt even he was aware of manifesting an architecture that will forever spark architectural imaginations.

2003.03.22 16:09
today coincidentally
...found out this morning Karl Friedrich Schinkel "on 11 September 1840, had fallen into a coma and paralysis from which, apart from a few moments of clarity, he never awakened." Schinkel died 9 October 1841.

2005.03.22 10:26
church and synagogue
Since learning that Le Corbusier's St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert is again under construction and slated for completion 2006, I had been thinking about the 3D CAD model of this building design in Quondam's collection. I was reminded of (a set of 1998 Quondam web pages that exhibited) how the plan of St. Pierre fit very nicely into the sanctuary of Louis Kahn's Hurva Synagogue.
Yesterday, I placed the model of St. Pierre inside the model of Hurva Synagogue, and started rendering images of the results. I thought I was really just playing until I thought about the architectural implications of designing a Roman Catholic Church within a Jewish Synagogue. Would such an architecture speak to how Christianity is more or less wrapped in Judaism? And, given the nature of the Hurva design, there is every evocation of St. Pierre being "wrapped within ruins."

2005.03.22 12:06
my first 3D CAD model of a Mosque
You know that St. Pierre/Hurva Synagogue model I just wrote about generating yesterday? Well, you know what? It looks just like a Mosque!

2006.03.22 13:14
Zumthor "Thinking Architecture"
After reading all the fuss over this book, I read it a couple of years ago and found it forgettable...

2006.03.22 16:23
Architecture as Signal
Real architecture is all about seams that architects most often want covered up.

2006.03.22 16:40
Architecture as Signal
Maybe some architecture courses should be taught by blind people.

2008.03.22 10:54
taking sexy back
multiple choice:
seminating imagination
ovulating imagination
fertilized imagination
conceptual imagination
pregnant imagination
pre-natal imagination
imagination of embryonic development
all of the above

2008.03.22 14:53
Eisenman vs Zumthor theoretical approach
assimilation: absorption
extreme assimilation: purge
metabolic: creative/destructive duality
pre-natal: synaptical
all-frequency: synapses
still-born: delivery and that's it
pregnant: delivery forthcoming

08032201 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i44
08032202 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i45
08032203 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i46
08032204 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i47
08032205 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i48
08032206 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i49
08032207 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i50
08032208 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i51
08032209 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i52
08032210 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i53
08032211 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i54
08032212 IQ ICM mirror-copy plans   2392i55

bilocation, etc.
I occurred to me last night that active participation within an online forum is like a degree short of actual bilocation. It's the speed of light involved that brings the degree of separation down to the minimum. I wonder if bilocation will be recognized as a part of network culture.
Read about half of Heidegger's "The Thing" last night. A few pages in, Heidegger's writing started to remind me of Gertrude Stein's writing.
Found out on 2009.03.20 that the base of the Eiffel Tower is just slightly larger than the base of Hadrian's Tomb. Thus directly over Hadrian's tomb is the Eiffel Tower's position within Ichnographia Quondam.

13032201 New Not There City site plan development   2177i24
13032202 New Not There City site plan development   2413i02
13032203 New Not There City Pruitt-Igoe Housing   217ai03
13032204 New Not There City Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2413i03

15032201   NPApraksin District plan model Mesh Surface Blocks models   3392ui03   b
15032202   NPApraksin District plan model   3392ui04   b

16032201   OMA   Whitney Museum Extension   New York

18032201   Smiljan Radic   Puerta Las Condes   Santiago

20032201   atypdiptych ploys half plans   2489i16

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.03.22).




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