trafficking in architecture

26 May

2013.05.26 14:27

...a very interesting hybrid paradigm or something totally ridiculous.

An additional way to look at the "architecture" of cyberspace is as a kind of parallel existence to the real world.

"It's very comforting to be in the position of designing one's own history."

(former play).
Form or Play? ...the question whether easily computer generated graphic data is actually a generator of architectural form or just electronic/digital play. Moreover, this theme opens up the whole issue of playing with existing models via scale manipulation and data collision.

Computers seem to have a lot to do with virtual architecture, most likely because of the new drawing dexterity that computers provide architects. Beyond that, however, computers/CAD enable whole new visualizations of architecture. I am not so much interested in creating virtual environments, as much as environments parallel to real-time/place reality. For example, designing and (virtually) building an addition to Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye, or imagining oneself as an architect-as-squatter within Louis Kahn's Hurva Synagogue. In the sense of creating a whole other history of architecture parallel to the real present.

from this past week

New Not There City, District Q, 2013

Stirling Wilford Associates, Dresdner Bank, 1977

Louis I. Kahn, Fruchter House, 1952-3




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