26 May

1434 death of Pieter Appelmans

1472 Giuliano da Maiano began the cathedral of Faenza

1735 birth of Caspar Frederik Harsdorf
1782 death of Angelo Domenico Piranesi
1784 Resigned to the sovereign’s choice of purchases, on 26th May 1784 Piranesi wrote: ‘Il y a au-dedans des habits, des livres, des petites statues en bronze le tout pour S. M. Je vous en donnerai les ordinaires suivants une note. Il y a aussi 5 caisses pour le Baron de Taube’. --Chiara Teolato

work on Acropolis Q
1997.05.26     2266

Gooding House and Bye House comparison and contrast
1997.05.26     2219 2236 3713b 3724b

Gooding House and Altes Museum comparison and contrast
1997.05.26     2120 2219 2236 3730b 3730p 3754c

continued work
1997.05.26     2278

Inspiration XIV
1997.05.26     2256 2257 2266

Re: Cyberspace and Architecture
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Re: interview 2.1a
1999.05.26 08:16     3784d
1999.05.26 22:46     3303f

Re: interview 2.2a
1999.05.26 08:45     3716c 4401b

reading Architecture and Civilization
2001.05.26 12:42     4015m 4016j

2001.05.26     3303f 3770e 3791b

Re: Virtual Architecture and Art?
2002.05.26 15:27     2156 2209 3142c 3303f 3730e 3751c 3789c 4014i

first major African American architect, etc.
2004.05.26 11:35     3728g 9006r

the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification
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2012.05.26 17:48     3330q

26 May
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New photos of E. Fay Jones' Thorncrown Chapel unveiled to mark 35th anniversary
2015.05.26 08:47     3310w 374ae 3773r
2015.05.26 09:46     3310w 374ae
2015.05.26 12:35     3310w 374ae 3773r
2015.05.26 13:54     3310x 3742

They're promising us jetpacks again (and deeper basements)
2015.05.26 21:29     3310x

“Technology is a cruel tool" -Peter Eisenman
2016.05.26 15:24     3314f
2016.05.26 17:49     3314f
2016.05.26 17:59     3314f

Herzog & de Meuron   M+ Museum   Hong Kong

1998.05.26 23:12
Re: Cyberspace and Architecture
An additional way to look at the "architecture" of cyberspace is as a kind of parallel existence to the real world.

2012.05.26 14:38
the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification
from wikipedia:
Transhumanists engage in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and evaluating possibilities for overcoming biological limitations. They draw on futurology and various fields of ethics such as bioethics, infoethics, nanoethics, neuroethics, roboethics, and technoethics mainly but not exclusively from a philosophically utilitarian, socially progressive, politically and economically liberal perspective. Unlike many philosophers, social critics, and activists who place a moral value on preservation of natural systems, transhumanists see the very concept of the specifically "natural" as problematically nebulous at best, and an obstacle to progress at worst. In keeping with this, many prominent transhumanist advocates refer to transhumanism's critics on the political right and left jointly as "bioconservatives" or "bioluddites"...
I wonder what an Institute of Transhumanism looks like. Not like this exactly because this is a Stoner Food Restaurant:

Maybe it looks like this:

Or maybe like this:

Anyway, I think a transhumanist cemetery, called Multiple Choice Loins, looks like this:

13052601 Dresdner Bank plan   223ci02

14052601 Palais House 10: Museum plan 22002 context   2394i01
14052602 Wave Wall House 1 plan 22002 context   2395i04

15052601 NPApraksin District DTM Zone IQ02 IQ03 GAUA plans working data   2449i00
15052602 NPApraksin District DTM Zone IQ02 IQ03 GAUA study plans   2449i01
15052603 NPApraksin District DTM Zone IQ02 IQ03 GAUA master plan plans   2449i02   b
15052604 Section House model work Governor's palace elevation   2448i01   b   c   d

17052601 Kaufmann Desert House plan image   3714mi11
17052602 Barragan House and Studio plans elevation image   3714mi12
17052603 Unité d'Habitation plans sections image   3714mi13
17052604 Maisons Jaoul plans elevations sections image   3714mi14
17052605 Das Canoas House plans section image   3714mi15
17052606 Halen Estate site plan plans sections image   3714mi16
17052607 Milam House plans elevations sections   3714mi17

18052601 Y2K House Casa da Musica Flick House I plans Casa da Musica not to scale   229ji02
18052602 Flick House I inside Casa da Musica plan Casa da Musica not to scale   2333i08
18052603 CCTV elevation model work   2332i02

18052601   Herzog & de Meuron   M+ Museum   Hong Kong

19052601   atypical atemporality Philadelphia School Weiss House Yale Art Gallery Fruchter House De Vore House Adler House City Tower Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House Salk Institute for Biological Studies Erdman Hall Fisher House Levy Memorial Playground Acadia National Park Headquarters Building Parliament Building of West Pakistan Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci Phillis Exeter Library Mikveh Israel Synagogue Sher-e-Banglanagar Dacca Tower for Princeton Memorial Park Kimbell Art Museum Hurva Synagague Eclectic House Gooding House Retreat House Brant House Addition Museum of Arts and Crafts plans   2467i14

21052601   San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane plan (elevation section working data)   208ai01




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