a deliberate deterritorialization

16 March

2014.03.16 19:52

After reading "Postmodern or Posthistoire?" it seems that the notion of posthistory coincides with the hyperactive assimilating imagination over the better part of the next two centuries. Historical analysis within a space-time continuum is more ongoing productivity and less end-product. "architectures in the space-time continuum"
architectural history in the space-time continuum
I'm beginning to wonder which is more immovable, a building or an opinion.

...excerpt from the cover notes of Prehistoric Architecture in the Eastern United States: "It is the first overview of prehistoric earth architecture in the Eastern United States, from about 2200 BC to AD 1500, and presents 82 sites which provide examples of how, thousands of years before Columbus, aboriginal architects used earth to shape their environments and landscapes from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Plains."
...the formations of the earth architecture(s) is most times very geometric, often with groupings of stunted pyramidal mounds, and the arrangements sometimes resemble the patterns one associates with crop circles.

1::1 Architectural plans... ...telling stories.




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