16 March

1738 death of Georg Bähr
1796 James Wyatt was appointed surveyor general and comptroller of his Majesty's office of works

1827 birth of Ferdinand Meldahl
1892 death of Edward Augustus Freeman

Tacony Creek @ Tabor Road Whitaker Mills     3998

Re: urinal in a gallery OR being pissy
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Re: before or after the Viking invasion ?
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on Roman bath houses
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Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture
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Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
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age discrimination in architecture
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16 March
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guess the plan [building]
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Carolina Díaz de Argandoña   Airport Sweet Airport: A city of makeshift living  

Herzog & de Meuron   Badaevskiy Brewery Redevelopment   Moscow

010316a Tower for Princeton Memorial Park elevations   2207i03

2004.03.16 10:20
Re: before or after the Viking invasion ?
...excerpt from the cover notes of Prehistoric Architecture in the Eastern United States:
"It is the first overview of prehistoric earth architecture in the Eastern United States, from about 2200 BC to AD 1500, and presents 82 sites which provide examples of how, thousands of years before Columbus, aboriginal architects used earth to shape their environments and landscapes from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Plains."
...the formations of the earth architecture(s) is most times very geometric, often with groupings of stunted pyramidal mounds, and the arrangements sometimes resemble the patterns one associates with crop circles.

2006.03.16 13:14
Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture
"And here we have a reenactment of a cloud as water themepark building. Note the total tourism aspect. Call it pilgrimage all bottled up."

2006.03.16 09:57
on Roman bath houses
Check out ancient Rome's Baths of Helena, now gone but Palladio recorded their remains. Helena was born in Drepanum, today's Yalova, Turkey, where there are still some of the best thermal baths of that region. The relation of major fault lines and thermal baths might make an interesting study.
The Imperial Baths at Augusta Treverorum, today's Trier, Germany, were the largest Roman baths outside of Rome, built under Constantine, Helena's son. Augusta Treverorum was Constantine's Imperial capital before Constantinople.
Historians are still not certain whether Constantine's second wife Fausta committed suicide or was kill in the steam room of a bath in Rome. Did this unfortunate event happen in the Baths of Helena? In any case, Constantine never returned to Rome after Fausta's death, although their daughter Constantina for sure did.

2006.03.16 13:02
on Roman bath houses
I like Stirling and Wilford's unexecuted design for the Kaiserplatz at Aachen, 1987--"The Kaiserquelle imperial baths once stood on this site, where excavated remains of Roman baths mark the original settlement of Aachen." Aachen = aqua, get it?

2006.03.16 14:29
on Roman bath houses
I spent a lot of the Summer of '72 at Boulevard Pools.
Jim, Bob, John and I would "thumb it" (hitch-hike) up the Roosevelt Boulevard--I think our rolled-up-towels-in-hand got us most of the rides, seeing how we were fine young teenagers on our way to an afternoon of swimming and diving and flirting. For sure the heyday was long gone, but no doubt the best "50 cent" I spent back in those days. Now it seems very lost urban America.
We always hung out on the lawn towards the west end of the 7' olympic pool. I actually found two 4-leaf and one 5-leaf clover there; it was like a little clover mutation spot.

2009.03.16 11:28
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
Historical analysis within a space-time continuum is more ongoing productivity and less end-product.
"architectures in the space-time continuum"
architectural history in the space-time continuum
Pergamon, wo bist du?
I'm beginning to wonder which is more immovable, a building or an opinion.
"[This museum should be regarded as a kind of reliquary containing various mementoes symbolizing not only the eternal brother-conflict, but also the military and diplomatic encounters, exchanges and betrayals of recorded history.] An old woman conducts a party through the museum, pointing out relics from the battle career of her hero Wellington, the Iron Duke. There are exhibits under glass and pictures on the walls. A flag, a bullet, a military hat; Duke Wellington on his big white horse; three soldiers crouching in a ditch; a pair of Naopeon's jinnies, making believe to read a book of strategy; and a sex-caliber telescope through which the Duke trains on the flanks of the jinnies."

2009.03.16 12:32
age discrimination in architecture
"And, in fact, in my application to the Berlage Institute Deanship, one of my proposals was not to hire any studio instructors over 35, as it was the most efficient--and ecomonic--way to ensure that teaching was integrally connected to the production--rather than consumption--of knowledge. It was deemed too radical and not accepted, but I still believe it was a good idea."
--Alejandro Zaero Polo, 2007.

2014.03.16 19:52
16 March
After reading "Postmodern or Posthistoire?" it seems that the notion of posthistory coincides with the hyperactive assimilating imagination over the better part of the next two centuries.

14031601.db Hurva Synagogue, plan   2209b
14031602.db Hurva Synagogue, GAUA context, plans   2209b
14031603.db Hurva Synagogue, District Q context, plans   2209b
14031604.db Hurva Synagogue, Pantheon Paradigm context, plans   2209b

16031601 Gooding Trice House plan site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2377i07
16031602 Gooding Trice Villa plan site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2378i04
16031603 Working Title Museum 005 plan site plan 4400x2200 Ottopia IQ55   2379i04
16031604 IQ45 Cubist ICM museum compilation plans   2436i44

17031601Working Title Museum 005 @ Pantheon Paradigm model work   2379i15

18031601 International Center for Possibility Thinking site plan plans sections elevations   229ii01
18031602 Grotta Residence model opaque only   2264i01
18031603 House in Old Westbury plans sections elevations   221di01
18031604 Grotta Residence plans   2264i02
18031605 Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art model   225hi01
18031606   Museum of Decorative Arts plans   224ei01

18031601   Carolina Díaz de Argandoña   Airport Sweet Airport: A city of makeshift living
18031602   Herzog & de Meuron   Badaevskiy Brewery Redevelopment   Moscow

20031601   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen lobby perspective working data   2226i51

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