a deliberate deterritorialization

Redrawing History

2014.05.12 21:58

Therefore, I have designed and taught what I call a “Connective Science” course for the General Education or Core track. To put it very briefly, in addition to giving a very sound presentation in physics itself, one injects, for a total of perhaps ten or fifteen percent of the time of the course, excursions into studies of certain adjoining areas which have historical relevance
Gerald Holden, Einstein, History and Other Passions (1995).

...the analogous city concept working in tandem with the virtual museum of architecture idea, and also adding the collage city idea/methodology to the “museum” idea. There are thus three historical ideas at the foundation upon which I build a virtual museum.

...a very personal type of document concerning the Campo Marzio and my experience in redrawing it.

...Not There, which will be dedicated to the entire history and evolution of the ideas behind the virtual museum of architecture

Redrawing of the Ichnographia Campus Martius began with those plans composed largely of a linear pattern of repeated items.


Piranesi, Studies of Etruscan Friezes at Corneto 1765.
Piranesi, Studies of Etruscan Friezes at Chiusi 1765.




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