a deliberate deterritorialization

Redrawing History

2014.05.12 21:58

...start manipulating plans and then make a record of the new type of collage plans.

...the idea of a history/museum of architecture displayed strictly in chronological sequence.

...an exhibit on the contiguous elements of Piranesiís Campo Marzio plans. ...a drawing where only the contiguous elements are shown in context. ...looking very much like an archeological map. ...the possible nature of Piranesiís reconstructive/imaginative method. ...a suggestion that came out of the redrawing of the map/plan.
...the contiguous elements might be the perfect place to also start a 3-D construction of the Campo Marzio. ...the contiguous elements are the basic elements that are mirror copied and copy rotated. ...turning Piranesiís Campo Marzio back into a ruin.




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