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Remember, I'm watching you watching me.

2015.04.20 13:23
New Whitney Museum; What Do You Think?
The Engineering Building for Leicester University is by Stirling and Gowan. Stirling and Gowan parted ways, non-amicably, after the Leicester building and at the beginning of the History Faculty for Cambridge University. It is interesting to compare Gowan's and Stirling's design sketches/drawings of Leicester and see that Gowan might well deserve more credit for the design than Stirling.

2015.04.20 15:42
New Whitney Museum; What Do You Think?

I remember my black and white continental shoes
that I was wearing as Joseph
and before going to La Salle College
and before going to
via 16th St. and Lindley turning right to school

I remember to order at radio MUSAK
music that I remember as Joseph at Sea Isle City
that is Richard Elliot older type
with referring to Mr. Nat King Cole.
The order I have been in ordering
Richard Elliot Ben Vereen
Andy Williams Ritchie Valens
Ben Johnson Chuck Mangione
Burt Bacharach Roy Orbison

I remember being in Socrates life in 1974
As it is I have existed in life in time before
and in time as it is in a time called Socrates time
I have existed in that time and I have existed in a time
before that time as different several individuals
in several individual forms of time
as different individuals in different times.
--schizophrenia + architectures 1999.01.18




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