20 April

1207 a large part of the cathedral of Magdeburg, Germany, destroyed by fire

1472 death of Alberti

1582 Pierre Guillain succeeded his father, Guillaume Guillain, as director of the public works of the city of Paris

1815 Benjamin Henry Latrobe was reappointed architect of the Capitol building at Washington D.C.
1881 death of William Burges

"Losing face"
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S/AM post-Vidler/Rowe
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S/AM: notes on Vidler's "Losing Face"
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various projects
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Capital Park West
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[signs of] Otherwise Eyes
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Liberty Bell Pavilion     1976
Independence Hall

Re: liberty architecture moving to ground zero?
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“...your film will be confiscated.”
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Cenotaph of Gordon Matta-Clark
2004.04.20 20:14

Featured Discussion: Volume
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...and speaking of random tangents
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Why are we having this conversation?
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from "The Idea of Time in the Work of James Joyce"
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New Whitney Museum; What Do You Think?
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Dresdner Bank     9008y
Retreat House     9009

JaJa   New School of Architecture   Aarhus

OMA   Torre Fondazione Prada   Milan

"Losing face"
c. Vidler finds possible reference of the the regret of facelessness going back to the notion of an "'architectural humanism' [and] its direct analogies, in theory and physical presence, to the human body", "...an echo of Wölfflin's conclusion that "we judge every object by analogy with our own bodies."
Wölfflin, Renaissance & Baroque, p. 77,
Scott, The Architecture of Humanism, p. 177.

[signs of] Otherwise Eyes
...a large set of directories, such as: chronosomatics, reenactionary, ichnographia, ottopia, collection, otherwise-eyes, solarize, innuendo, vapor, acropolis, piranesian-daze, scale, theory, imagination, hyper, almost, lauf-vague-s, casa-vague-s, subcontinental, synopsis, not-there, pieces, seroux, metabolic, hybrid, plans, elevations, sections, details, paradigms, exedra, helena-augusta, enfilade, hypostyle, ramp, porticus, denkmal, sagacity, skin, intention, ludens, zeitgeist, ausland, locale, lacunae, palimpsest, visitation, remove, interpolation, augury, datum.

2004.04.20 20:14
Cenotaph of Gordon Matta-Clark

cenotaph 1 : an empty tomb or a monument erected in honor of a person who is buried elsewhere   2 : someplace inhabited by a spirit rather than by a body

2007.04.20 18:27
Featured Discussion: Volume
Because education is today an expensive commodity, and because magazines are at best advertising mediums and because architects are now seeking to commodify their research (abilities), I thought of Leon Krier's "The Consumption of Culture" in Oppositions /14 (1979).
first sentence:
"When the French Revolution ended with the political victory of the bourgeoisie, education, which had been the priviledge of a small class, became compulsory for every member of the new social order.
somewhere in the middle sentence:
"Kitsch must then be identified as the most important cultural phenomenon of the industrial age, as the real Zeitgeist of the machine age.
last sentence:
"In that perspective, the self-destruction of humanity becomes obviously a moment of relief, relief from the urgency, ugliness, and futile agony.


08042001 mirror copy plans   2392i62
08042002 mirror copy plans   2392i63
08042003 mirror copy plans   2392i64
08042004 mirror copy plans   2392i65
08042005 mirror copy plans   2392i66
08042006 mirror copy plans   2392i67
08042007 mirror copy plans   2392i68
08042008 mirror copy plans   2392i69
08042009 mirror copy plans   2392i70

11042002 Antichita Forum, plan (raw) with lower ICM   2401i05

14042001 Clay Workers Co-op site plan 22002 in situ   2243i05
14042002 Clay Workers Co-op model site plan   2243i06   b
14042003 Clay Workers Co-op, plan orthagonal   2243i07
14042004 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel scheme 3 model   2239i19   b

16042001   JaJa   New School of Architecture   Aarhus

18042001 Smith House plans   2212i01

18042001   OMA   Torre Fondazione Prada   Milan

19042001   IQQ19 model work   2468i68

20042001   ASouq Neighborhoods model development   2446i04

21042001   Eclectic Houses @ Ury Farm wireframes models   223ai27




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