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2015.11.06 20:47
1-star Amazon reviews of famous architecture texts
Pretensions of an UnArchitect
Architecture Not Now
The Last Great Pagan Architecture of Rome
Uninhibited Habitations
Re: Hejduk
Dis: Content
Here a Versailles, There a Versailles, Everywhere a Versailles, sigh
Architectural Otherness
cloning architecture
Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism
An Architecture of Removement
How Did This Happen Revisited
Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture
Heavy Volume Everywhere
One Size Fits All
Latrobe of the Capitol
The Irrelevancy Style of Architecture
Authorship Architects: A Work in Progress
Architecture in Critical Condition

010227 repressed history?
011127 Domestic Databases
060712 Artistic Reinvention in Architecture
070425 Volume and Congestion
070625 über œuvred e suicidal
070626 The Faux Failing Memory
070708 Appositions
070710 The Agonizing Demise of the Curatorial Editors
071023 The True Untruth in Materials
080427 Size Matters
080518 Plan Atypical
081118 Making Use of Uselessness
090921 voxelation
120324 The Philadelphia School Deterritorialized
130718 Semiquincentennial: an almost novel architectonics
131014 The Museum Trip Series
131104 Kohlhaas, wo bist du?
131218 Delirious Cyberspace: A Retroactive Manifesto for the Internet
131220 Architecture post Semiquincentennial
all the above received at least 3 black holes
2004.03.13 13:38
I wonder when there is going to be an Apostate Architecture symposium.
Let's have a vote:
Do you prefer Republican Architecture or Democrat Architecture or Independent Architecture?
Is it true that someone somewhere is working a book entitled The Architecture of Taxation?
Chapter One: Money Bags
Chapter Two: Hand to Mouth
Chapter Three: The Art of Evasion
Chapter Four: Deductible Dependents
Chapter Five: Attachments
Chapter Six: Chapter Eleven
Chapter Seven: Schloss Schatzkammer 4 sale
2007.01.24 09:19
... and get that great new book on the workings of inspiration. I'm pretty sure it's called Even You Can Be A Copy Cat.
2007.07.30 19:16
worth holding your breath for....
Towards a Squeezed-Out Architecture
Heavy Volume Everywhere
The Architect Came Twice (in foreign tongue)
One Size Fits All
2007.07.30 22:20
a must for all clients:
Does Your Architect Wear Boxers or Blobs?
2007.08.08 12:03
[googled "redesigning newness" and received no results]
Redesigning Newness: Architecture's Search for an Answer to Sprawl
2008.03.19 12:39
Wow, Kejduh's The Imagination of Embryonic Development flies better than time!
Yeah, that and Le Deuzzy's Shoaling.
2008.07.29 08:40
Ven Izsent, Architecture Exaggerated (Hypopolis: Universe of Overstate Press, +/- the future).
"It's like architecture as gaseous giant. And Izsent is a prick."
--The New Diminishing Globe
Is Unarrested Architecture written by otherness?
2009.07.30 08:06
Exponential Potential Architecture
1. Architecture plus Weaponization
2. Architecture minus Weaponization
3. Architecture times Weaponization
4. Architecture divided by Weaponization
5. Architecture greater than Weaponization
6. Architecture less than Weaponization
7. Architecture to the power of Weaponization
8. the Weaponization root of Architecture
and there's more . . . there's always more

2015.11.06 21:15
Reinier de Graaf: "The western architectural ivory tower has become a theatre of the absurd"
It's true, a theater of the absurd is indeed very 20th century. The theater of the 21st century involves the approaching fulfillment of assimilation and the ever increasing metabolic dualism, a bilocational theatrics even.

2015.11.07 12:30
Reinier de Graaf: "The western architectural ivory tower has become a theatre of the absurd"
There is no real evidence that BIG, ZHA and FOG do not or cannot seek "beauty, joy, delight, function, wonder, solace, serenity, fun" in their work. Nor is there any real evidence that being a "brand" limits one's work from "finding real depth." What exactly are the unnecessary constraints created by branding?

2015.11.07 12:48
1-star Amazon reviews of famous architecture texts
...the truth is I really don't "need" to do anything that someone else here thinks I need to do, especially those that try to somehow enforce limits. When the internet was new there was a real sense of it being a place of unlimited possibilities. It's a shame to see real world prejudices steadily ruining all that.

2015.11.07 13:37
Reinier de Graaf: "The western architectural ivory tower has become a theatre of the absurd"
In that case, I, for one, have no preconceived expectation of what a BIG, ZHA or FOG work will look like. In fact, these are firms that I've come to watch how their "style" continually develops, and indeed more often than not deliver the unexpected.

2015.11.16 18:30
A verdict on Frank Gehry?
"Was hoping this new book would offer a bit more depth but perhaps not...."
The real problem with Fox Weber's review of the book is that we learn nothing about the book at all. Fox Weber is the one that focuses on Gehry's 80th and 82nd birthday guests, and in the process tells us nothing as to whether Goldberger's book is about the 80 years of Gehry's life that actually got him to that point. I think it's more than fair to assume that anyone with such illustrious 80th and 82nd birthday guests led an interesting, illustrious, and even momentous life themselves.

2015.11.17 11:00
A verdict on Frank Gehry?
I agree with the sentiment of your last paragraph above. Looking at the title again--Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry--it could well be discerned that Goldberger's "judgment" of Gehry's architecture is that it, the architecture, is indeed art. I would read the biography then along those lines: does Gehry's life and work actually culminate in the building of art? And, if it is indeed true that Gehry's life and work do culminate in the building of art, then the biography would be very interesting to see how such a feat was/is actually accomplished.

2015.11.18 20:25
The organization behind Kentucky's Creation Museum is building a Genesis-sized Ark
Let's hope they add all the accessories!

2015.11.24 21:26
Should architecture strive for originality? Can it ever achieve it?
Does (historical) fiction sometimes easily fall into the category of subversive reenactment?

2015.11.24 21:34
Saudi Arabia's uneasy relationship with its cultural heritage of Mecca and Medina
"In the future, all the past (and even the present) will be a fiction."

2015.11.27 12:43
2 April
These diagrams often show a cubic form from which the architects will list a certain amount of operations driven by programmatic, climatic, or urbanistic purposes. Architecture is thus conceived as a original volume (maybe the reminiscence of an older paradigm) that saw itself more or less geometrically modified to achieve another volume.
--Léopold Lambert 2012.08.11
from wikipedia:
Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that, together, define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response.
Parametric design is a paradigm in design where the relationship between elements are used to manipulate and inform the design of complex geometries and structures.
The term 'Parametric' originates from mathematics (Parametric equation) and refers to the use of certain parameters or variables that can be edited to manipulate or alter the end result of an equation or system. Parametric design is not a new concept and has always formed a part of architecture and design. The consideration of changing forces such as climate, setting, culture, and use has always formed part of the design process
It seems that the diagrams at the very top of this thread are all singular representations of a parametric design process.

2015.11.28 08:25
REVEALED: Bjarke Ingels’ Brand New High Line Towers
The difference, however, is that publicity seems to be the only thing Kardashian is good at, while publicity is more toward the bottom of things that Ingels is good at. There are a lot more substantial things to measure Ingels' worth and success than his merely being "good at" publicity.

2015.11.29 13:29
REVEALED: Bjarke Ingels’ Brand New High Line Towers
The same things that warrant any fame: doing things of substantial notoriety. For example, Ingels and BIG are certainly "good at" acquiring big (and quite notable) building commissions.
If you had already done all things within the realm of architecture that Ingels has already done, don't you think you'd be famous too? And, conversely, because you haven't already done all the things within the realm of architecture that Ingels has already done is why you're not famous.

2015.11.29 19:33
REVEALED: Bjarke Ingels’ Brand New High Line Towers
The level of success that BIG has reached in ten years of business is rare because the enormous amount of original and innovative architectural work, unbuilt and built, that BIG has produced in the last ten years is rare. Again, it's not for nothing that BIG has reached the level of success that it has.

2015.11.30 14:04
Let's talk about a building
I wonder if there's every any architectural criticism that winds up being more interesting than the criticized building itself.




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