24 November

1788 birth of Jules Jean Baptiste de Joly

1817 Benjamin Henry Latrobe resigned his position as architect of the Capitol building at Washington D.C.
1859 death of Charles Lenormant

Promenade Architecturale documentation
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Drawing Exhibit @ Quondam
1997.11.24     2297

implosion of Mill Creek Project Towers
2002.11.24     2002a

Re: what a difference 250 years make
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does anyone model some famous architect's works?
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When Black Friday Comes
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Complex Iconography and Contradictory Content in Architecture
2007.11.24 11:23     3334e

The Peter Eisenman effect
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2007.11.24 12:02     3334e
2007.11.24 14:17     3334e
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Urban Wildland interface
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"The End of Architecture?"
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watching old architects talk to each other
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The Great Books (of Architecture)
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22 Novemver
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24 November
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Should architecture strive for originality? Can it ever achieve it?
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Saudi Arabia's uneasy relationship with its cultural heritage of Mecca and Medina
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suicide of an architect
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Steven Holl/Franklin Azzi   Gare de Nord 2024   Paris

OMA   Forum   Rotterdam

001124b domestic plans   2150i03
001124c domestic plans   2239i01
001124d domestic plans superimposed   3392fq01

011124a Wacko House 002 plans model   2285i03
011124b Goldenberg House partial model   2179i01
011124c Goldenberg House plans   2179i02
01112404 Housing for La Villette plans elevation axonometircs   231ai17
01112405 House for K.F. Schinkel model   2239i02
01112406 House for K.F. Schinkel axonometrics   2239i03
01112407 House for K.F. Schinkel plans elevations   2239i04


2009.11.24 17:53
The Great Books (of Architecture)
Learning from Lacunae: a progressive inquiry of the acquisition of knowledge via reflection on what is not there
The Nimiety of Architecture: an abundance of redundance in architectural education, theory and practice

09112401 ICM Horti Argiani  

11112401 St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert elevations (scaled 3.12) with Palais des Congrès   2189i06

2012.11.24 11:35
22 November
I'm quickly reminded of a short passage I read last night--
--which seems somewhat related to your analogically jumping comment/question.
Schumacher's passage unwittingly describes subversive reenactment. Is subversive reenactment then a key ingredient of avant garde design? See how Le Corbusier subversively reenacts via re-interpretation, the Villa Savoye.
There's the new movie Lincoln, which tries very hard to be as close to the original as possible, and earlier this year there was the movie Lincoln, Vampire Slayer. Does (historical) fiction sometimes easliy fall into the category of subversive reenactment?
The logisital objective of a crime-scene reenactment is to reproduce the crime as closely as possible, and the aim of the reenactment is for the police investigators to gain a form of eye-witness experience of the crime. Reenactment within the philosophy of history has the same aim.
Perhaps subversive reenactment just happens to be a very good way to come up with something new again.

2012.11.24 16:40
22 November
I would just caution that reenactment, revivalism and appropriation have relationships to each other, but they are not the same thing. Also, the negative aspect of Schumacher's quote is how hard he tries to deny that reenactment is part of Hadid's early design process.

2012.11.24 18:55
22 November
Another example of Le Corbusier subversively reenacting the Villa Savoye is the upper half of the Governor's Palace designed for Chandigarh.

Actually, subversively isn't really the right term. Le Corbusier metabolically reenacts the Villa Savoye.

17112401 Museum of Architecture plan elevation model work   2245i15

17112401   OMA   Forum   Rotterdam

18112401   Steven Holl/Franklin Azzi   Gare de Nord 2024   Paris

19112401 NE Philadelphia Arbor to Ridgeway base map data   2093i112




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