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2016.01.21 14:16
Scott Merrill wins the 2016 Driehaus Prize
...a comparative reenactionary analysis   5521   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i

2016.01.26 21:03
'Architecture of Life' exhibition marks opening of DS+R-designed new Berkeley Art Museum next week
The "Architecture of Life' exhibition appears to be quite interesting, especially when you consider all the many events corresponding with the exhibition. I think I would go to all the events if I lived there.

2016.01.28 10:13
DS+R-led MoMA redesign scaled back, more details released
It's so nice to see MoMA's visitor numbers always increasing. It's so adult.

2016.01.28 13:31
DS+R-led MoMA redesign scaled back, more details released
real reasons
Trying very hard to be a museum piece.
Failing as a actual museum.
Demolition of the American Folk Art Museum as extraordinary performance piece.
An early high-bar for 21st Century Modern Art, even.

2016.01.28 13:37
“Architects are going to read that and say, ‘What a jackass!’”
So, is there really any difference between Jewish Modern and Gentile Modern?
Jewish Modern is just as assimilation-in-the-extreme as Gentile Modern.

2016.01.30 13:33
"as per usual, over-wrought stylization"

2016.01.30 22:32
The art of faking it
2011.02.28 10:31
l.t wrote:
'...and the idea was the relationship of the space which was made up of the fold of the image and the dialectic or the conflict between the figuration, and the kind of clarity of the image and the complexity of the space which were in dialog.' Does anyone get this sentence? What's the idea? I'm not trying to dismiss Mayne or anything but sometimes man...what the heck is this guy talking about?
Lauf replies:
A case of over articulation leading to inarticulation. Perhaps the same could be said of the architecture.

2016.02.05 08:59
Military Museum
The buildings along the Equiria related to the military are: the Officinae Balistarium, the Officinae Scorpiorium, the Templum Castrum, the Naumachia Domitiani, three Circulus with two Ludus, the Officinae Armorum with its attached Officinae machinarum militarium, the Templa Jovis Martis Veneris, and an Aedicula Isidis, all of which translate into a ballista factory, a scorpion factory, a temple dedicated to Castor (the guide to mariners), a stadium for the show of mock sea-fights, exercise fields, a factory for arms and military machines, and a triple temple dedicated to Jupiter, Mars, and Venus and chapel dedicated to Isis. These buildings, moreover, are interspersed with "statues of illustrious men" as well as the sepulchers of many distinguished military figures from Roman history. This concentration of military functions essentially constitutes a design for ancient Rome's main military headquarters.
Portrayed as both the home of Rome's military operations and the site of Rome's oldest annual festivity, Piranesi's Equiria takes on a symbolic significance beyond just the honoring Mars. Within its overall Campo Marzio context, the Equiria, as both age-old secular/equestrian axis and axis of war represents the backbone of ancient Rome's civic and martial pride.

2016.02.05 10:48
More baroque than surreal (although probably more both), double theaters make for very engaging/confounding spaces/places.
Morphosis architecture certainly has the exuberance (overwrought, over articulate, etc.), so maybe what it's lacking is the double theatrics.

2016.02.10 10:09
BIG's concept for a spiraling-landscape tower in NYC's Hudson Yards
If you're really disappointed that this is the best "we can do in 2016," then BIG isn't the blame, rather all the other architects that aren't doing any better.

2016.02.10 10:23
Anyone else see this as a blatant rip-off of Aqua Tower?
"a slow refinement of a given set of forms" is not the only definition a tradition. The ongoing changing of standards is an even more prevalent tradition. At least that's what I've seen most in the last 60 years.
In architecture, traditional is now a style more than anything else. An ongoing repetition of a set of forms that were refined long ago.

2016.02.10 11:19
BIG's concept for a spiraling-landscape tower in NYC's Hudson Yards
How many other 1000' tall office towers offer accessible outdoor space on every floor? Is there even any precedent for that?

2016.02.11 12:23
BIG's concept for a spiraling-landscape tower in NYC's Hudson Yards
"Truth is like poetry. And everyone fucking hates poetry."
I'll tell you, The Big Short is definitely worth seeing twice on the big screen.

2016.02.11 15:19
Keyser Söze keynote speaker at 2016 AIA convention (okay, Kevin Spacey, but still)

That's the dagger that castrated Rasputin. Strange seeing something in a movie that you've actually already done yourself, in the very same room even.

2016.02.11 16:30
Keyser Söze keynote speaker at 2016 AIA convention (okay, Kevin Spacey, but still)

I'm boycotting all AIA Conventions until Joanna Lumley is keynote speaker!

2016.02.11 17:59
BIG's concept for a spiraling-landscape tower in NYC's Hudson Yards

You know, green painted spindly sculptures on all the terraces might actually be the best solution. It could be one continuous piece called The Big Lie.




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