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1814 birth of Harvey Lonsdale Elmes
1832 death of Samuel Prout

seeing stars
1999.02.10 10:47

Re: SF architectures
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and the unimportant winner is . . .
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identity crisis?
2000.02.10 17:27

reenactionary architecturism
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Learning From Girard Avenue
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Anyone support tearing it down?
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Would Benjamin Henry Latrobe have...
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Archinect's The Plagiarius Awards Gallery
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7 Wonders (and a half) of POSTMODERN architecture?
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8 January
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BIG's concept for a spiraling-landscape tower in NYC's Hudson Yards
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Anyone else see this as a blatant rip-off of Aqua Tower?
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OMA   Lujiazui Harbour City Exhibition Centre   photo: Kevin Mak

1998.02.10 13:28
Re: The Golden Section
The majority of Quondam's web pages--are subdivided horizontally using the proportions of the golden section, i.e., the width of the body text is 1.618 x the width of the sidebar. I am certainly not in a position to say that the golden section makes Quondam's pages aesthetically more pleasing. I will say, however, that the golden section continues to give me a starting point for much of my graphic design work (although I can't say the same for my architectural designs). If nothing else, I find the golden section useful, and it is alive and well at Quondam.

1999.02.10 10:47
seeing stars
I was in a pretty bad automobile accident on Monday at around 11:30 am. A 77 year old woman driver plowed into me from behind as I was waiting at a red light. The woman said she must have passed out, and thus I now know what it is like to be hit by a large object moving at least 40 MPH. Thankfully, I escaped with only being very shaken up and a bump to the back of my head, however, my car is totaled. Immediately after the "big bang" I must have looked just like one of those cartoons where stars orbit around the head, because that's exactly how I felt.
In any case, Architecture Record's Pulse poll this months asks: does the architectural profession need the star system? I sent the following response via e-mail - News/Features/Dialogue - Pulse:
Of course the architectural profession doesn't "need" the star system, especially not in the way that architectural critics and architectural publications "need" the star system. Nonetheless, the architectural community should be aware that a whole new galaxy of architectural stars is evolving within...

1999.02.10 18:28
Re: SF architectures
It seems to me that the future for design-l is entirely in the hands of the members of design-l, and, for me, that is the true value of this medium, this forum. It is clearly self-evident that the more that is said here, the more important this forum becomes.
I believe that what has not fully sunk in among most that use this list, as well as those that use the web as a communicating medium, is that this really is free (i.e., doesn't cost anything) speech, and, what's more, it's free architectural speech not necessarliy falling on deaf ears. Entities like this list and web pages more than anything threaten the traditional role of editorial and acedemic publishing. Essentially, the (long guarded) priviledge of writing (architectural) criticism, history, etc. is now just as much in the hands of whoever wishes to write. Moreover, in today's world of increased diversity, it is precisely the variety of views that a list like this produces that makes this forum all the more valuable, and in that sense design-l already is a collaborative architectural work.

2000.02.10 17:39
and the unimportant winner is . . .
The last sentence of the text at
guggenheim.org/exhibitions/ /virtualmuseum.html reads:
"As envisioned by Asymptote and the Guggenheim, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum will emerge from the fusion of information space, art, commerce, and architecture to become the first important virtual building of the 21st century."
Forget the Guggenheim, I want to know what the first UNIMPORTANT virtual building of the 21st century is. Any nominations?
So far, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum is so virtual it's completely "not there," except for its importance, of course.

2000.02.10 17:27
identity crisis?
Because of "drive-thru" windows and ATMs, I don't get inside my bank too often anymore, but I did today because the queue at the drive-thru was long and there were no deposit envelopes at the ATM outside. There was only one customer inside besides me, so it turned out to be the quickest alternative. As the teller processed my transaction I noticed a small blue cylindrical plastic container with hinged lid affixed to the counter I was at, and then I noticed each teller window had the same blue container. I opened the lid and inside was a solid black substance, it looked like an ink pad. Upon finishing my transaction, I asked the teller (who was behind thick glass and bars) what the blue container was. He said, with a smile, "It's to take thumbprints. We're treating our customers like criminals." I said, "That's funny since you're the one behind bars." We both laughed.

reenactionary architecturism
reenactionary   1 : being or exhibiting the qualities of a reenactment   2 : the philosophical or theoretical notion that reenactment underlies much of humanity's cultural and ritualistic traditions as well as humanity's artistic expressions   3 : one of the foremost characterists of late 20th century tourism
architecturism   1 : act, practice, or process of architecture   b : manner of action or behavior specific to architecture   2 : abnormal state or condition resulting from an excess of architecture   3 a : doctrine, theory, or cult of architecture   b : adherence to a system or a class of architectural principles   4 : characteristic or peculiar feature or trait of architecture

2. reconstruction of Whitemarsh hall; Altes Museum columns; marble slabs in place; baluster in place. The site is presently a "scenographia;" thus then a Piranesian reenactment.

2008.02.10 10:35
Archinect's The Plagiarius Awards Gallery

The reenactment Villa Savoye is not necessarily the product of plagiarism, for, if the architect of this new house acknowledged Le Corbusier and his Villa Savoye design, then no plagiarism is involved. The architect of the Villa Savoye reenactment may be guilty of copyright infringement, however. (Plagiarism and copyright infringement are not the same exact thing.)

Likewise, the reenactionary City Hall of Izmir is not necessarily the product of plagiarism if the architect acknowledged the City Hall of Boston. Moreover, the powers-that-be of Izmir may have even requested that their new City Hall be like the City Hall of Boston. Here, copyright infringement is not an issue because the City Hall of Izmir is not a close-to-exact reenactment of the City Hall of Boston.
Architectural design inspiration often manifests a form of reenactment.

Q: What comes after Infringement Complex?
A: Architecture of the Loop-Hole Universe.

2008.02.10 11:24
Archinect's The Plagiarius Awards Gallery
Again, architectural design inspiration often manifests a form of reenactment.
If a student acknowledges their inspirational source, then there is no plagiarism involved.
Reenactment is a(n often utilized yet unacknowledged) powerful learning tool.

12021001 Houses Under a Common Roof unknown elevation scan   2170i27
12021002 Houses Under a Common Roof block site plan scan   2170i28
12021003 Houses Under a Common Roof block elevations (part 1) scans   2170i29
12021004 Houses Under a Common Roof block elevations (part 2) scans   2170i30

17011001   OMA   Lujiazui Harbour City Exhibition Centre

18021001 Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Wallraf-Richartz Museum Atheneum Neue Staatsgalerie IQ47 plans   2226i33
18021002 Palace of Versailles Altes Museum Whitemarsh Hall Philadelphia Museum of Art Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Danteum Arbor Street House Farnsworth house Museum of Knowledge Maison de l'Homme House 10: Museum Kimbell Art Museum Wall House 2 Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Wallraf-Richartz Museum Atheneum Neue Staatsgalerie IQ47 plans   2226i34

20021001   iq58 Versailles overlay plan   2413i67
20021002   CC Philadelphia West plans   2093i113
20021003   ICM Axis of Life plans orthagonal   2110i185
20021004   Philadelphia Benjamin Franklin Parkway plans   2093i114
20021005   Philadelphia Benjamin Franklin Parkway/Axis of Life ICM plans   2093i115
20021006   GAUA iq24 base model work   2429i392

21021001   lc1956 Palace of Assembly Maisons Jaoul Villa Shodhan plans elevations   2176i04
21021002   lc1958 Berlin Planning Competition 1958 plan   217ii21
21021003   lc1963 St. Pierre Firminy-Vert plan elevation   2189i11





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