turning of a page in architectural history

2016.07.13 17:06
SOM releases renders of Philadelphia transit master plan

photographs of my computer screen summer 1988

pen plot summer 1988

page of Philadelphia magazine September 1988

2016.07.13 17:41
Pokemon Go
On 9 June 2016, the geocaching place looked like this. They were looking around that tree in the background to the far right.

And to my immediate left, it looked like this:

Believe it or not, I found a needle in that hay stack!

2016.07.13 18:16
Noah's Ark replica opens in Kentucky biblical theme park to “compete with the Disneys and the Universals”
2004.03.21 11:35 Re: A Gathering of Planets
Dennis and Eva
Catherine de Ricci and Louis I. Kahn
Trumbauer and Mrs. Dodge
Otto and Maria
Piranesi and Melania the Younger
Ludwig and Agatha Christie (he was calling her "Clueless" behind her back)
Rubens and Bette Davis
Franciska and Philippe Le Beau (apparently he has an eye for the great grandmothers of his most recent descendants)
Napoleon and James A. Williams
Eutropia and Napoleon II (they all sang 'Happy Birthday' for him, and every time Napoleon's son introduced himself as King of Rome, Eutropia simply said, "You don't know a thing.")
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (when Ludwig saw Agatha mingling with Louis and Marie, he said, "Look! It's 'Clueless' with 'The DeCaps.'")
Theodosius and Aelia Flaccilla
Arcadius and Aelia Eudoxia
Honorius and Thermantia
Galla Placidia and Athaulf
Stilico and Serena
Princess Grace and Samuel Goldwyn
John Kelly and a bitch (apparently a seeing eye dog)
Rrose Selavy and Pope Celestine V
Jennewein and Lili Marlene
Franklin and Maria Popinska, a quondam Russian scientist (Otto took one look at this couple and immediately said, "Oh, Now I get it. Maria Popinska and 'Let's go fly a kite.' Ben, you're still the funniest sense of humor I know.")
Helena and Eusebius (it was obvious they were up to something)
Ambrose surprised everyone by bringing Constantina and R. David Schmitt. (Ambrose enjoyed telling everyone how he and Dave each died on a Good Friday, and Constantina--actually everyone calls he Santa Costanza these days--enjoyed telling everyone about the architectural analysis of her mausoleum that Dave conducted back when he was a student at Temple University.)

2016.07.14 19:31
Noah's Ark replica opens in Kentucky biblical theme park to “compete with the Disneys and the Universals”
Does anyone know if this (religious) theme park is tax exempt?
If you really want to see religious reform, take away the tax-exemption status.
Do any of you even know why organized religions are granted tax-exempt status? Like what exactly is the origin of such a law?

2016.07.14 20:41
Noah's Ark replica opens in Kentucky biblical theme park to “compete with the Disneys and the Universals”
...thanks much for the information. However, the Walz vs. Tax Commission case does not actually explain why religious organizations are granted tax-exemption (separation of church and state is not the issue). And the "power to tax is the power to destroy" is only a made-up argument.
The "tradition" of granting religious organizations tax-exemption began with a law under emperor Constantine I which proclaimed the newly sanctioned Christian church tax-exempt. I remain curious whether there is anything directly related to religious organization tax-exemption in the US Constitution. Note, too, how one of the Justices saw religious organization tax-exemption against the first amendment.




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