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2016.07.26 11:05
Adam (sans Eve) in the Garden of Satire
While having breakfast...
"There is a quality of imagination which makes the work, even without knowing about the process, stand on its own. But the knowledge that there is a process throws the reader into a state of being uncertain, and even while knowing that there is no way of rediscovering the process, and even if one enjoys simply reading the text, the fact that there is a secret transforms the experience of reading into one of deciphering, a game, a more complex undertaking, more disturbing, more anxious than when on reads a simple text for the pure pleasure of it."
...then remembering to remember the tropological spacing of Learning from Las Vegas' strip vis--vis Canina's Appian Way.
fill in the blank and the labyrinth
eternal wrest and the labyrinth
p. 41
...(that is, 'In Iacq Lequeu ' meaning 'il n'y a que Lequeu' or 'There's only Lequeu;). (This was the pun-loving nineteenth century.)
more like sic eighteenth century

2016.07.26 17:04
slow at CAD
I was still 26 years old when I first used CADD (yes, it had 2 Ds back then) 14 February 1983, and I've been using the same brand software since April 1987. Over ten years ago, I wrote here that I still use the same software because I can play it like a piano. About a year or so after that, Orhan posted a video of himself playing his computer like a piano finishing with holding a print-out up to the camera.
Still enjoy it daily; just finished this drawing a half hour ago.

2016.07.26 21:21
slow at CAD

2016.07.27 12:15
slow at CAD
It was July 9th, Saturday night. I was drawing while relaxing in the pool. A deer jumped over the fence, and the laptop fell in the water. I quick took a picture.

2016.07.27 12:53
"Living together is only possible if there is always the possibility to be alone." Dogma studio's hard-line look at architectural solitude
the poor living room
2016.07.24 15:29

2016.08.05 20:59
LACMA releases new renderings of proposed Peter Zumthor building
The building (in the renderings) looks fine. It's the placement of the artworks, inside and out, that looks poor.

2016.08.06 09:49
LACMA releases new renderings of proposed Peter Zumthor building
And the black exterior may well become the most regretted design decision.

2016.08.09 17:25
Palais Imperial de Dolma Baghtche

Is it true they're secretly designing retirement homes for each other?

2016.08.09 20:45
Palais Imperial de Dolma Baghtche
Is the result of Zeitgeist indeed now best described as collage?
"In the year 2525, when architecture is finally alive..."

2016.08.14 12:29
What music are you listening to?
The worm is placed by Skarioffszky in a long transparent trough full of a strange water that is as heavy as mercury. A narrow slit runs the length of the bottom of this V-shaped container. Underneath this slit is placed a zither. By arching his body the worm is able to regulate the flow of drops of heavy water onto the strings of the zither; he becomes so adept at this that he faultlessly executes wondrously complex Hungarian rhapsodies with a 'savagely dramatic range of expression'.

2016.08.20 10:10
Manual for Becoming a Radical Architect
Index Architecture
2003.06.24 19:25
For the parts I've read (roughly 1/3), a lot of it, especially the "trendy" theoretical stuff, is already the equivalent of dated advertising copy.
This book should be in audio format. That way you could listen while sleeping, and after about a week you could start talking like a Columbia grad without spending all that time and money. Now that would be radical!

2016.08.20 10:25
Watch the official trailer for Tomas Koolhaas' upcoming documentary, 'REM'

2016.08.20 16:17
Thread Central
"There is another aspect of saving material. I bought a house in Riverdale, a tiny little house, seventeen by twenty-two, and I'm meticulous. I go outside, and there's a big apartment house right next door. Every morning I go out there and sweep up. I like doing it. And the guy across in the apartment house is filthy. I mean junk, rats. So I went across and asked him if it was possible to keep his place clean. It's nice to have it clean, I said. And he said, "Why don't you do it?" So I said all right, I'll do it. And I did it. Now that house is absolutely impeccable, and he comes every Tuesday and brings big garbage bags as a gift to me."
I love good metaphors.

2016.08.21 03:15
Thread Central
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