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2018.06.03 09:13
Fuck the White Gods
If "wrong life cannot be lived rightly," does that mean right life cannot be lived wrongly? I doubt it. According to the above I'm living a wrong life, yet it seems perfectly fine to me.

2018.06.03 09:45
Fuck the White Gods
Chris, I suggest you read Reinier de Graaf's Four Walls and a Roof: The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession (2017). Wolfe's and Adorno's arguments don't seem all that relevant to today's world.

2018.06.09 09:54
Fuck the White Gods
Does Wolfe explain why Wright chronically felt the need to put down Le Corbusier by making up false things about him? Did Wright have a fragile ego and thus felt threatened by Le Corbusier's import to the architectural realm? I'm not at all familiar with the many books Wright published, but I'm now curious whether they in any way expound upon the importance of Wright's own buildings.

2018.06.09 11:24
What are you reading?
Coincidentally, the book [From Bauhaus to Our House] came out the year I graduated from architecture school--almost 40 years ago. Never read the book, although there were plenty of reviews and excerpts. From what I gathered it seemed to be one sensationalized anecdote after another.
I'm glad there is evolution way beyond this--Four Walls and a Roof: The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession.

2018.06.09 13:54
Fuck the White Gods
Judging by all the buildings on this planet, many of which have nothing to do with an architect, it appears that building is much easier than ideas. Le Corbusier built a lot too. And Wright was given plenty of credit for all the work he did. Chris, I think you don't fully understand that as much as Wolfe tried to debunk the myth(ic gods), he also just sensationalized a bunch of new myths--just trading one set of myths for another set of myths.

2018.06.09 15:26
What are you reading?
according to your assertion above, Wolfe's book will tell the kids they were seriously indoctrinated (which I believe is a false claim to begin with), so I was curious what the serious indoctrination actually was. If the question can't be answered without a thread of its own, then is the serious indoctrination just another myth itself? I suspect so.

2018.06.10 09:04
Fuck the White Gods
The cult that Wolfe debunked was a cult/myth that he at the same time created. All the sensationalized anecdotes created the myth of this cult.

2018.06.11 10:06
Fuck the White Gods
The book The Radiant City was published in 1933. At that time Le Corbusier was 46 years old, and had built between 2 and 3 dozen buildings (I'm guessing), including many houses, a big apartment house in Geneva and a huge complex in Moscow.

2018.06.12 11:24
Fuck the White Gods
It's not a matter of Wright having built more than Le Corbusier. It a matter of Wolfe lying in the caption of the Le Corbusier picture. Also, Le Corbusier was never an academic.

2018.06.19 14:13
guess the plan [building]




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