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2018.06.21 11:45
Anish Kapoor sues the NRA for using image of Cloud Gate in a 2017 ad
The suit is not about the right to take a photograph/image, it is about the unauthorized use of the photograph/image.

2018.06.30 12:43
Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
In the sense that he "insisted" to being an architect, Lebbeus Woods was a (relatively rare) architect of otherness. He was definitely not one of the (many, many) architects of mediocrity.
Interestingly, there is only one result from a google search of the phrase "architect of otherness," and that occurrence of the phrase doesn't ever refer to architecture. So, perhaps, this very post here is the first occurrence of the phrase "architect of otherness" related to architecture itself.

2018.06.30 13:28
Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
from: Shaw
architecture and resistance
This essay, quondam, is heart and soul of Lebbeus' work manifesto, and has meant much to so many. Steven Holl quoted from this in a lecture. I may not agree with a number of Wood's points, but it is a challenging, thought-provoking classic.

2018.06.30 14:28
Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
Shaw, I was a regular reader of Wood's blog, but I have no real recollection of having already read the essay you link to above. Thanks for refreshing my interest in Wood's words and deeds. I too do not agree with a number of Wood's points, and I want now to figure out why it is that I resist them, or at least figure out why I subsequently also think otherwise.

2018.06.30 15:31
Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
...I don't think that "The line between the physical and the virtual will be getting thinner and thinner over the coming years." is the right way to put it. For over twenty years now I've been a strong believer that it's best for the real and the virtual not to be the same thing, indeed, the true virtue of the virtual is that it is and can be something other than the real. So, instead of saying that line between the real and virtual is getting thinner and thinner, it's more a matter of the virtual now gaining more and more 'gravitas,' the virtual becoming more and more experiential, more and more something other than the real, more and more entertaining, and (ultimately?) more and more influential. The future I see is one of the real and the virtual in coexistence, a coexistence of the real and the other. But who knows for sure.

2018.06.30 16:30
Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
...currently more than "an abstract form." As much as I hate to admit it, the line between the real and the virtual is already very thin indeed when it comes to Russian interference/influence of the 2016 US Presidential election via bots delivering malicious propaganda/"fake news" throughout social media channels. So far it seems that a thin line between the real and the virtual very easily manifests evil, and that's just another reason that I think the real and the virtual not being the same thing is a good thing.

2018.06.30 16:36
Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
"It was Zaha Hadid who, sometime in the 1980s, introduced Leb to the AA in London, having met him through their mutual friend, Steven Holl. Indeed, it was Leb’s issue of Holl’s Pamphlet Architecture that exposed him—an already mature but unknown visionary—to the architectural world. Somehow, he had come to New York from the Midwest, had worked as an architect on Roche-Dinkeloo’s Ford Foundation building, and later found a living making perspective renderings for Kohn Pedersen Fox."
Peter Cook

2018.06.30 16:39
Was Lebbeus Woods an 'Architect'? (According to NCARB and His State Board)
To resist or not resist? That is the direction?!? ;-)

2018.06.30 21:07
What music are you listening to?
Love Unlimited Orchestra
lo primero, mi meta, mi todo
can't get enough of that cowbell!
It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me
Just another Saturday night at The Tunnel of Boulevard Pools--an actual disco for teenagers--44 years ago in Northeast Philadelphia.
one of the comments calls this "Baby-making music"

2018.06.30 21:26
What music are you listening to?
And to add a little more context, in 1974 the legal [alcohol buying and] drinking age in New Jersey--right across the bridge from Northeast Philadelphia--was 18 years old. Yeah, teenage disco plus ultra.

2018.07.03 10:30
Architecture Trip in Germany
Potsdam and all the Schinkel projects there and the immediate surroundings, plus Glienike Bridge--bridge of spies.
Stirling in Stuttgart plus Mercedes Benz Museum.
Castle and Palaces of Ludwig II
go inside the Glyptothek Munich plus Amalienburg at Nymphenburg   of course Frei Otto's Olympic Park and BMW across the street

2018.07.03 10:45
Conflict in Architecture?
the Iron Curtain
Anthony Bailey's Along the Edge of the Forest: an Iron Curtain Journey 1983
I, as a seven year old, played lots of miniature golf on a hill (in the West) overlooking the Iron Curtain along the Elbe River summer 1963. Back then it was extremely strange how those in the West acted as though the East didn't even exist. Yeah, duality, conflict, contradiction, all of it.

2018.07.03 12:07
Abuse in Architecture Schools?
fondest memories of architecture school: all those times when a select group of students abused the faculty via public parody and satire (often within design presentations themselves).
"I hate this house."
"And he thought he was married to a blonde!!!"
etc. etc. etc.

2018.07.10 20:14
Abuse in Architecture Schools?
"You seem to think that someone's aesthetic proclivities need to be validated." is the smartest thing you've ever written here. Validation is a very soft underbelly.

2018.07.13 11:52
Non-Built Work in Architecture
It's simply exhibiting one's body of work. And there's nothing unethical about it.




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