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"Inside the Density..."

2002.06.21 11:55
Re: genetic architecture

2003.06.21 08:32
Re: acronyms: 20th c. i be lazy thinker syndrome becomes commerce

01. virtuality
02. density
03. reenactment versus reconstruction
04. inversion
05. pagan to Christian - the Triumphal Way
06. life and death
07. love and war
08. satire
09. urban sprawl
10. reenactment architectures and urbanisms

The forms don't bother me, and the method (i.e. using CAD, etc. software) doesn't bother me. What I think is wrong, however, is the hype, specifically, in this case, that all this is somewhat more authentic because it is more natural, more 'genetic' and therefore more correct. Where, in reality, it is all just more arbitrary.

I remember back in school where there had to be a reason for ones design, and the worst thing possible to be criticized for was for being arbitrary. I more or less had to comply then, but I know better now--for example, I venture to guess that most architectural clients are almost fully arbitrary, as is almost all of the architecture being built today--how else would you explain the way things really look out there.

arbitrary 1: depending on choice or discretion; specif : determined by decision of a judge or tribunal rather than defined by statute   2 a (1) : arising from unrestrained exercise of the will, caprice, or personal preference : given to expressing opinions that arise thus (2) : selected at random or as a typical example   b : based on random or convenient selection or choice rather than on reason or nature   3 a : given to willful irrational choices and demands : IMPERIOUS : characterized by absolute power or authority : DESPOTIC, TYRANNICAL

There really are no statutes of architectural design, except for building codes, and even they are not beyond being side-stepped, and there certainly is no definitive common ground as to what is good design and what good design isn't. So-called 'Genetic Architecture' is no better or worst an any other architecture available; right now it's just more trendy.

Teaching designers/architects (how) to be arbitrary might just be the real natural, rational thing.

How come the central characters of creation myths are often brothers metabolic?




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