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2007.07.18     Le Composites
2007.08.16     Trivilla Savoye


2008.05.02     Headquarters of D.A.T.A.

2008.05.15 20:48
The Official Paradigm Shift thread
multiple choice (so far):
1. typical plan meets eclectic program
2. eclectic plan meets typical program
3. programmatic planning meets typical eclecticism
4. planned eclecticism meets programmatic type

2008.05.20 08:49
The Official Paradigm Shift thread

Department of Architectural Theory Annexation
"Hey, do you mind taking a picture of me in front of a paradigm shift on top of a paradigm shift."

2008.09.24     Villa Plus Ultra
2008.09.25     Courthouse Plus Ultra

BIG   Hospice Søndergård   Måløv Denmark   2008

BIG   Art Souq   Abu Dhabi   2008



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