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...I remembered there are some appositional plans within the 1990s works of Philip Johnson--Law Center Addition (1991) and Lewis Guest House Studies (1992) as presented within Architectural Monograph No. 44: Philip Johnson Recent Work (1996). Subsequently, I decided to read Jeffrey Kipnis's "Introduction," and a paragraph describing St. Basil Chapel struck me as very familiar sounding:
First, in one and the same gesture he offends the symbolic form of the chapel and produces a virtual narthex. This act of destruction/construction cleaves the space and activates the passage from the profane to the sacred. The problematic residual spaces resulting from the intersection are essential to the effect and, in this case, the architect is careful to allow them to remain unmodulated The slicing wall also serves to resuscitate an otherwise banal courtyard threatened by the constraints of the site. It links the chapel to the galleries with ad hoc suture rather than ideal and resolved connection.

2015.06.12 21:38
Stargazing with Patrik Schumacher: Episode 33 of Archinect Sessions
I'm not sure there's such a direct link between a language that readily accommodates multi-appositions and obfuscating rhetoric. If anything, multi-appositions manifest innate creativity.

2015.07.16 10:45
The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
There are some conceptual sketches of Venturi's addition (1975) to the Vanna Venturi House, similar to the appositional approach of the Allen Art Museum Addition.
Notwithstanding, I'd prefer to see Mom go eclectic right up front:

2015.07.18 17:23
The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
Is that a mock or a mock-up? I can't tell.

2015.09.08 14:21
Architecture of Decadence
Note to self: start designing architecture that is simultaneously decadent and non-decadent.

almost; a little too much excess

pool Architekten   Bienne Berner Fachhochschule BFH   2015.09.11

2015.09.12 18:52
12 September

pool Architekten   Bienne Berner Fachhochschule BFH   Biel   2015.09.11



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