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2014.04.03 09:49
2 April
...this is the write-up you suggest: ARCHITECTURAL THEORIES /// Critique of a new “post-ideological” Architectural Paradigm. Not sure, however, how well it describes the process, nor how in-depth (or accurate) the commentary critiques are either. Thanks nonetheless, because it makes me realize that what I'm interested in how this design approach is something different than the approaches to architectural design up to now, as well as how it fits into the history of design methodology in general--note how I see precedents in some 1960s designs (as opposed to the 'Seventies').
...see BIG's Art Cluster Arhnem where...

...the interior is not the residual of the exterior geometry chosen--to the contrary, a very inventive interior (had to be) developed because of the manipulated solid geometry. As to "What about that shape says *plaza* to you?", I ask, "What about any shape says *plaza*? As far as I'm concerned, an unconsidered shape can be a (good) plaza just as much as a considered shape can be a good plaza, and it might even be true that considered-shape-plazas have a higher failure rate.

Anyway, this notion of exterior/interior got me thinking of a 1979 school project, a Clay Worker's Co-op for a site in Olde City, Philadelphia:

which manipulates a solid geometry via carving out, which I see as not quite the same as the present-day solid geometry manipulation. And it's exactly what makes that difference that I would like to more fully understand.

2014.08.08 16:25
Donald Draper at the Museum...
...of the Human Body?

Looks like he's there following Taylor Swift, which makes sense because word is that Draper left advertising and now works undercover for the Fashion Police: Special Victims Unit. "It's very subliminal," said Draper. "We're all here pretending to be interested in the exhibit."

2014.08.08 17:20
Donald Draper at the Museum...
If I didn't have a shadow I'd be feeling very subliminal too.

2014.08.08 19:03
Donald Draper at the Museum...
And here I thought everyone came here just to look at the pictures. Go figure.

2014.08.08 19:25
Donald Draper at the Museum...
The new Museum will explore the human body from an artistic, scientific and societal approach through cultural activities, interactive exhibitions, performances and workshops.
The 7,800 m² (ca. 84,000 sqf) museum is conceived as a confluence of the park and
the city – nature and architecture – bookending the Charpak Park along with the Montpellier city hall.
The building’s program consists of eight major spaces on one level, organically shaped and lifted to form an underlying continuous space.
Multiple interfaces between all functions create views to the park, access to daylight, and optimizing internal connections.
The museum’s roof functions as an ergonomic garden – a dynamic landscape of vegetal and mineral surfaces that allow the park’s visitors to explore and express their bodies in various ways – from contemplation to the performance – from relaxing to exercising – from the soothing to the challenging.
The façades of the Museum of the Human Body are transparent, maximizing the visual and physical connection to the surroundings.
On the sinuous façade that oscillates between facing North and South, East and West, the optimum louver orientation varies constantly, protecting sunlight, while also resembling the patterns of a human fingerprint – both unique and universal in nature.
The jury, headed by the City’s Mayor Ms Hélène Mandroux, chose BIG over 5 other shortlisted international teams and praised BIG’s design for combining innovative, environmental and functional qualities.
The new Museum will contribute to Montpellier’s rich scientific and cultural heritage, attracting tourists, families, as well as school classes, academics and art lovers. Construction is scheduled to start in 2016, and the building will open its doors to the public in 2018.
BIG + A+Architecture + Egis + Base + L'Echo + Celsius Environnement + CCVH
Partners in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Andreas Klok Pedersen
Project Leader: Gabrielle Nadeau
Project Manager:Jakob Sand
Team: Birk Daugaard, Chris Falla, Alexandra Lukianova, Oscar Abrahamsson, Katerina Joannides, Aleksander Wadas, Marie Lançon, Danae Charatsi, Alexander Ejsing.
Client: Ville de Montpellier
Draper's presence at the museum is obviously symbolic of big manly things.



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