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2014.08.08 19:40
Donald Draper at the Museum...

"So what then is architecture? Is it a hard, 'simple', 'natural' protective shell that engenders the continuation of life? Or is it a soft formlessness forever (re-)designing an applied shell it doesn't naturally have?"

Remember 20 November 2013?

2014.08.08 20:07
Donald Draper at the Museum...
It turns out there is something fishy about all this. The same image from does not feature Donald Draper.

Yet the same image featured today at afasiaarq does feature Donald Draper.
The woman in the white dress in both images still appears to be Taylor Swift however.

2015.05.15 13:38
Bjarke Ingels wants to "make the world of the future more like our dreams”
Is it wrong to assume that the drawings, images, diagrams and models that represent a BIG project are primarily used to explain the project to the client? And if that is indeed the case, then notions of sincerity, marketing, post-rationalization and academic hype aren't actually the issue.

2015.05.15 14:00
Bjarke Ingels wants to "make the world of the future more like our dreams”
Where is the evidence that the diagram became the goal? And, moreover, the notion of the diagram being the goal just doesn't make any sense to me, because, when I look at the 'communication' that BIG offers, the goal is obviously architecture.

2015.05.15 17:35
Bjarke Ingels wants to "make the world of the future more like our dreams”
Actually, I do admire BIG's process, but not because it is somehow superior. I admire it because it's an atypical abstraction of the typical architectural design process.

2015.05.28 13:30
Who's work are you currently interested in?
Last two days been working on a new house.
schematic wireframe elevation
Four days ago it was interest in OMA's Apraksin Dvor that spurred some "learning from" and ultimately this:

Two weeks ago interest in BIG's 2008 work, particularly Art Souq, led to Art Souq neighborhoods within IQ12, etc., etc.
One month ago there was interest in Hejduk's wall [house] types and museums.

2015.06.09 15:12
Renderings of BIG-Designed Two World Trade Center Revealed



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