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Yin/Yang Compare/Contrast Museum/Pre-Shrine   001
...maybe even a floor plan   002

2013.08.13 15:56
13 August
Art is not an architecture, but art can certainly strive to be done architecturally.

2013.09.07 10:35
Are you into modernism or do you also like historical architectural styles?
Cooper & Pratt House   3714hi01
Mayor's House   3714hi02
Ur-Ottopia House   3714hi03
Stoner Food Resturant   3714hi04
Gooding trice House   3714hi05
Headquarters of D.A.T.A.   3714hi06
Courthouse Plus Ultra   3714hi07
Zany House 01   3714hi08
Lauf Haus der Kunst   3714hi09
Schizophrenic Fold   3714hi10
House for Otto 3   3714hi11
House for Otto 7   3714hi12
Obviously, I'm into (creating) 'dys' architecture styles: dyskenesic architecture, dyslexic architecture, dyslalic architecture. Hopefully, I'll continue to design even more dys-architecture styles.

2013.09.08 13:00
Obama names critic of Gehry's design to Eisenhower Memorial Commission to oversee DC project
...don't forget that after the Vietnam Memorial was complete, there was still a controversy that Lin's design was too abstract, and eventually a representional statue of three soldiers looking as if cautiously scouting a jungle was added to the 'entry' point of the path to the wall of names.
Does the design 'battle' hinge on abstraction versus representation?
I'm still hoping to find a sketch I drew for a design project from first semester of fifth year (Fall 1980). The project was an omni war memorial for Philadelphia's Independence Mall, the site was where the US Constitution Center now stands. The guest studio critic was Allen Greenberg, who was big on (the design history of) Lutyen's WWI Memorial Cenotaph in London. The sketch is not what I ultimately presented because I just knew it wouldn't go over too well at jury. Anyway, the design was of seven 30' high white marble monoliths, one for each US war up to that time, standing erect in line across the site. Each slab was blank except for a 1' high thin vertical gash somewhere about half way up which acted as a fountain releasing water that would run down the slabs and into a shallow pool connecting all the monoliths. I wanted the water of the fountain dyed deep red to look like blood.
Today, that design could well be a seen as an uncanny composite of abstraction and representation.

2013.10.28 13:40
Why won't you design what we (the public) want?

This is my design for the Old School of New Thinking (2007). The figures throughout the design are not there to just represent a human presence, rather they are an actual part of the design--life-size sculptures of nude human figures giving the design a combination of ornament and human scale at the same time. Survey said an overwhelming majority of people enjoy seeing other people in the nude.



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