architectural otherness

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2007.03.28 13:21
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
You know there really is no proof that personal fantasy automatically translates into bad design/architecture. Nor is there proof that personal fantasies automatically lack any theoretical foundation.

2007.06.24 18:15
Everyday Urbanism - Design and/or Default
One of my favorite everyday urban places was actually mostly the inside of my car?

2007.08.04 17:32
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss "Urgency" at the CCA
I thought the point was Archaeologies of the Future.
'Opaque' perhaps, but never without clues. The way I see it Koolhaas's architecture becomes him while Eisenman becomes his architecture. [Vanbrugh is at the top of the list if that helps.]
"Pejorativity" is an important chapter in The Irrelevancy Style of Architecture.
My tendencies are more coincidental than anything else.

2007.08.21 11:27
"...a shift into spontaneous mode,
Instinct is not the same thing as reason. To start with, instinct is much quicker.


Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking (virtual realm: scheme 1, 2007.09.22).

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking (virtual realm: scheme 2, 2007.09.22).

Stephen Lauf, Old School of New Thinking (virtual realm: scheme 3, 2007.09.22).

2008.01.23 15:13
Architecture, art or science?
I like science for its ability to concretize and communicate a "world view".
I like art for its applied systematic study of natures.
I like architecture for its demonstration that science and art are not necessarily two different things.

2008.04.26 14:52
the state of drawing in education
I utilize blah-blah-blah. It's this great CAD software I invented where one draws via talking to the computer. It even lets you talk in mixed-up languages!

Hey Media Lab, quick steal this idea before someone else does.



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