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2009.01.27 12:18
"In 1984, while Koolhaas was developing the second project for the Danstheater, OMA, under the guidance of Zenghelis and still in collaboration with Polóyi and Finck, did a project for the building at Friedrichstrasse 207-208 in Berlin, in the context of the works promoted by the IBA (construction completed in January 1990). The building stands next to the famous Checkpoint Charlie..."
Roberto Gargiani, Rem Koolhaas/OMA: The Construction of Merveilles, pp. 116-7.
The Construction of Merveilles delivers a very good history of OMA, and nicely explains a whole lot of things Koolhaas.

2009.02.09 10:25

2009.08.16 12:42
hence creative ingenuity
creative: the vast majority of more recent residential architecture.
ingenutiy: the more recent residential projects of Koolhaas/OMA.

2009.09.19 10:38
Rem: use minimum items to understand its project
Study any of the more recent Koolhaas/OMA residential projects* and you will quickly find that you cannot "use two drawings and one sentence to understand" the work.
Bordeaux House
Wenner House
Flick House I

Flick House II
Ascot Residence
Sighvatsson House
Vincent Gallo Apartment
Also look at Prada San Francisco Epicenter and Whitney Museum Extension.

2009.09.21 11:22
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
The earliest example that I know of...

OMA, Ideal Vertical Campus, Tokyo, 2004.
"It was important for us, therefore, that the energy and life found in the typical campus was driven by the possibility of creating a different configuration for every floor. The interactivity of the typical sprawling campus is achieved through these configurations...

2009.09.21 11:42
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
...or captive slaves...

2009.09.23 15:24
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
from eikongraphia, where pixel should be changed to voxel:
Manhattan Bar Chart, by OMA
Amethyst, by OMA

Michiel van Raaij:
Yes, that is right. The pixelation theme appears In this design for the Science Center…
And in the Gakuen Tower shown in the 'Content' Exhibition
And in the entry for the Gazprom competition
And in the Beijing Books Building
That is at least 4 times. Will the next book by Rem be called 'Pixels'?
Actually, The New High: ODing on Voxels.*

OMA, Monaco Hotel, 2008.
Hey, everything can't be a voxel!

OMA, India Tower, 2008.



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