23 September

246 birth of Helena     82/0246

1439 birth of Martini
1463 burial of Bernardo di Matteo Gambarelli

1666 death of
Nicolas François Mansart

1791 death of Karl von Gontard

1824 birth of Rafael Contreras
1854 death of Edward Wedlake Brayley

a book entitled Not There
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TPH - new book format
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Tacony Creek Park
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equinoctial augury
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Re: content
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Happy Birthday Helena
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MVRDVs Serpentine
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"He, whom all things should serve, serves some one of his own tools"
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MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
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23 September
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Is the Pantheon always a spectacular experience?
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What do you think of the 2014 Serpentine Pavilion in London?
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22 September
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23 September
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A Fountain and Vanna Venturi House; 1964 with Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown
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MVRDV   Smart School   Irkutsk

OMA   Cultural Center   Zhanjiang

2001.09.23 10:15
Re: content
2. It will be simple enough to ask Venturi himself what he means by "content is not the architect's job," at the symposium in NYC this coming Saturday.
3. As it stands, I think Venturi's quote misleads in that content CAN now well be the architect's job. Whether or not content SHOULD be the architect's job is not the issue I'm proposing.
4. There may be one answer to "what is the content?" in some of Venturi's own prior writings/statements. For example, in the early 1980s Venturi very much championed buildings with all-over patterning. With programmable electronic screens as facades, there is now every opportunity for architects to design facades with many animated patterns.
5. After spending all of the last five years generating the content for and programming several thousand 'screens' of Quondam, I might just have more experience than any other architect when it comes to architecture as the delivery of content.
"Architecture as delivery of content" describes precisely what I see as a forthcoming issue for architects.

2002.09.23 11:47
At the very end of the video interview of Peter Eisenman in conjunction with the latest Venice Biennale, the architect makes reference to "Kafka's Magic Mountain," as in hopefully the architect's project of a City of Culture at Santiago de Compostela will find a happy artistic commonality with Kafka's Magic Mountain.
Maybe Eisenman is knowledgeable of some manuscript that Kafka himself destroyed (as Kafka did destroy some of his own manuscripts), but otherwise it was Thomas Mann that wrote The Magic Mountain.

2004.09.23 15:20
MVRDVs Serpentine
Take a look at Le Corbusier's Palais des Congrès à Strasbourg (1964), and then look at OMA's Hotel at Agadir, the Library at Jussieu, the Educatorium, and then MVRDV's VPRO--a trail of design reenactments. Maas worked on the OMA projects.

2009.09.23 15:24
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
from eikongraphia, where pixel should be changed to voxel:
Manhattan Bar Chart, by OMA
Amethyst, by OMA
Michiel van Raaij:
Yes, that is right. The pixelation theme appears In this design for the Science Center…
And in the Gakuen Tower shown in the 'Content' Exhibition
And in the entry for the Gazprom competition
And in the Beijing Books Building
That is at least 4 times. Will the next book by Rem be called 'Pixels'?
Actually, The New High: ODing on Voxels.*

OMA, Monaco Hotel, 2008.
Hey, everything can't be a voxel!

OMA, India Tower, 2008.

2009.09.23 16:13
MVRDV build a new bank headquarter!
Voxel Gets-U-High

Philip Johnson, Lincoln Kirstein Tower, 1985.

13092401 Pantheon Paradigm plans   206fi09

14092301.db Andalusian House 1 elevation Wall House 2 elevation image attached   2219i07

2014.09.23 08:45
What do you think of the 2014 Serpentine Pavilion in London?
After reading the above comments, I was reminded of something from 2000.04.06: "So what then is architecture? Is it a hard, 'simple', 'natural' protective shell that engenders the continuation of life? Or is it a soft formlessness forever (re-)designing an applied shell it doesn't naturally have?"
As a temporary pavilion, and indeed one whose purpose is to exhibit (and somewhat test) architectural ideas, it certainly does its job well, and for that I like it. Does it portend a future mainstream trend in building? Probably not, but one really never knows for sure.
Further, I'm now reminded of (the interior of) the small (river?) museum in Louisiana from a few years ago, and also James Stirling's training building for Olivetti with its fiberglas shell.

2014.09.23 21:28
23 September

OMA, Hamburg Hafencity, 2004.

2014.09.23 09:18
22 September

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