Schinkel, Karl Friedrich

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Schinkel's Berlin: quondam intentions
Throughout the Sammlung Architektonischer Entwürfe there are a variety of situations plans which, when combined, will render a virtual Berlin of Schinkel's intentions. Back in its formative days, it was Quondam's intention to render this virtual Berlin via 3-dimensional CAD modeling. This project was worked on in the late 1990s, but further work was not continued. Perhaps the project will continue now with the availability of new scans of the situations plans.

2003.03.22 16:09
today coincidentally
...found out this morning Karl Friedrich Schinkel "on 11 September 1840, had fallen into a coma and paralysis from which, apart from a few moments of clarity, he never awakened." Schinkel died 9 October 1841.



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