9 October

1688 death of Claude Perrault

1748 birth of Joseph Halfpenny
1714 Richard Boyle became a member of the Privy Council

1841 death of Karl Friedrich Schinkel
1898 death of Charles Alexandre François Morin

Three-Dimensional Graphic Model of Center-City Philadelphia
1986.10.09     3940

2004 death of Jacques Derrida

Le Corbusier a Nazi simpathizer?
2010.10.09 22:07     3331w 3771c 3775p

Cutting across the Chicago Architecture Biennial: "Rock Print" from ETH Zürich and MIT
2015.10.09 08:23     3312u

Bjarke Ingels and the challenges of designing Two World Trade Center
2015.10.09 09:17     3312u 3706g
2015.10.09 15:19     3312u 3706g
2015.10.09 17:38     3312u 3706g
2015.10.09 18:16     3312u 3706g

SANAA's meandering "River" community center opens to the public
2015.10.09 18:07     3312u

Guillermo Fernández-Abascal   Cervantes Institute   Shanghai

Herzog & de Meuron   Neue Nationalgalerie – Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts   Berlin

2010.10.09 22:07
Le Corbusier a Nazi simpathizer?
"...all buildings constructed after 1950 contain an expiration date, the death of architecture equals, potentially, the rebirth of the city."
--who said that?
The same goes for academic babble control?
Dmitri Chechulin did eventually manage to realize the design of the Aeroflot Building in another incarnation--the RSFSR House of the Soviets (the Russian Parliament, colloquially known as the White House), completed in 1981.
Architects under Stalin, let's hear it for them!
just e.g.
Alexei Dushkin, N. Knyazev, Autozavodskaya metro station, Moscow, 1943.
and all that other triumphalism.

12100901 Working Title Museum 003 floor plate generator   2325i04   b   c   d   e

13100901 Maison Dom-ino perspectives elevations plans   2140i08
13100902 Maison Dom-ino model   2140i09

14100901   Guillermo Fernández-Abascal   Cervantes Institute   Shanghai

17100901 Sampietro House plans sections elevations   224di01
17100902 Westchester House plans sections   2261i01

18100901 Acropolis of Contemporary Art model   2473i05
18100902 Acropolis of Contemporary Art model opaque off axonometrics raw   2473i06   b   c

18100901   Herzog & de Meuron   Neue Nationalgalerie – Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts   Berlin

19100901 iq38 Cubist ICM   2436i76
19100902 Stonehenge Hadrian's Villa Hagia Sophia Château de Chambord Louvre Palace of Versailles Mount Pleasant Altes Museum Schloß Neuschwannstein Robie House plans elevations section museum collecting   2061i16

20100901   Savoye Shadows Annexation Villa +15 plans elevations   2408i05
20100902   domestic 1944 Houses Under a Common Roof plans elevations   2170i50
20100903   domestic 1947 Farnsworth House Kaufmann Desert House Baker House Barragan House and Studio plans elevations   2174i15
20100904   domestic 1949 Weiss House 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments Glass House Eames House and Studio Maison Curutchet   216hi08
20100905   Barragan House and Studio plan elevation   217li01




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