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2014.09.02 11:14
NIMBYs go to court over "modern" home; Zaha gets an apology; global warming rages on: News Round-Up for August 25, 2014
I think it's best to make one's own news, so I starting to build this in my backyard:

2014.09.02 11:42
Why Modern Architecture Struggles to Inspire Catholics
EKE says, "... the author focuses very clearly on the difficulty of reconciling modernist abstraction with rich symbolic content. This is the reason why so many modernist sacred places and memorials/monuments are unsuccessful." If "so many modernist sacred places and memorials/monuments are unsuccessful," then it should be easy to quickly name a dozen such un-successes. Please (quickly) provide a dozen unsuccessful sacred places and memorials/monuments. And please, if you could, at the same time, explain what exactly constitutes a 'success'.

2014.09.25 11:51
26 August
Although the real, albeit subliminal, inspiration for me is probably this:

Wandering through un-time and un-space?



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