25 September

1396 Thomas Arundel created archbishop of Canterbury

1552 Pierre Lemercier was commissioned to finish the high tower of the church of S. Maclou at Pontoise, Seine-et-Oise, France
1599 birth of Francesco Borromino

1781 Laura's and Giuseppe's debts

1876 death of Ernst von Bandel
1892 death of Edmond Jean Baptiste Théodor René Joly

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Tate Modern 2 by Herzog & de Meuron
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22 September
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26 August
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23 September
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Eisenhower Memorial to consider plan that removes most of Frank Gehry’s designs
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In the future, everything will be a museum.
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The Zaha "Oh No": Architecture Deserves Better Journalism
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08092501 collection of domestic plans (in chronological order)
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13092501 Altes Museum plan within the context of Le Corbusier's 1958 Berlin plan

2014.09.25 10:58
Tate Modern 2 by Herzog & de Meuron
Riccardo, great images and thanks for the rendering/construction side-by-side presentation. There's a strong appeal to the building as it looks currently--kind of "Brutalism 2.0". Ever since both this design and the first scheme design were published in 2006, I thought there's definitely the potential for the ultimate building to be something uniquely 21st century. Looks like that's now for sure going to be the case.

2014.09.25 12:34
Tate Modern 2 by Herzog & de Meuron
OM.., I think the brick façade 'texture' you mention might be due to some of the concrete openings being screened as opposed to open horizontal slits. Look at the 'dusk' rendering above and notice how the interior light is coming through more than just the horizontal strip openings.

2014.09.25 13:50
Eisenhower Memorial to consider plan that removes most of Frank Gehry’s designs
The notion that one "system of aesthetic ideas and ideals" is better capable of increasing human happiness than another "system of aesthetic ideas and ideals" already seems to be an ideology, and a strange and even potentially dangerous ideology at that.
Also, how does one even judge levels of happiness in such cases?
What are you going to do, put up a picture of the Paris Opera House against a picture of the Disney Concert Hall and ask people which makes for more human happiness?

2014.09.25 11:51
26 August
Although the real, albeit subliminal, inspiration for me is probably this:

Wandering through un-time and un-space?

2014.09.25 12:25
23 September
I suppose you mean scale-up as the reverse of scale-down.
Back in school, Spring 1979, we were studying/designing in-fill housing. Dave and I were partners, and our site was a North Philadelphia neighborhood just south Girard Avenue and east of Broad Street. We had a clay site model (maybe like 40th scale) so we could quickly discern all the gaps within the neighborhood that potentially needed to be filled. One day Dave made a small model of Wall House 2 and said, "I think we should fill all the gaps with this." It really looked good, and no doubt we both wished we could have ultimately presented that and be done with it. All the same, our final design did get a lot of praise, and our final 1/8 scale, chipboard, detail portion of the site model was part of the Broad Street Comes Alive exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Alliance downtown that summer.
I still have the final site plan drawing, and perhaps I will bring Dave's idea back into play.
Dave was a hemophiliac, and sadly one of a whole generation of hemophiliacs that ultimately died of AIDS (1 April 1994) due to receiving infected blood back in the very early 1980s.

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15092501   REX   Necklace Residense   Long Island

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21092501   Château de Chambord plan elevation   207fi08
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21092503   Château de Maisons plan elevation section   2085i02


2014.09.25 11:10
22 September
"In the past, all ftp sites were virtual museums for 15+ minutes."

2014.09.25 11:33
26 August
"As is well-known, the earliest architectural museums consisted of the succession of pavilions or "fabriques" in 18th century parks: the didactic walk amidst scaled-down versions of Chinese, Hindu or Gothic temples invited the observer to wander through time and space." --Lotus 35
Surely you recognize Venturi's Eclectic Houses of 1977.




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