358.08 24

Nicomedia earthquake

358.08 24 Nicomedia earthquake
1999.08.18 Izmet earthquake

Nicomedia, back in the last years of the third century and the earliest years of the fourth century, was the Roman imperial capital of Diocletian. Diocletian instituted the last "great" Roman persecution of the Christians in 303.
Nicomedia is thus where countless Christian martyrs died
Back then there was all kinds of horrible (for some) news coming out of Nicomedia.
I never imagined that Nicomedia, a.k.a. Izmit, would, in my own lifetime, reenact its former status as death capital of the world.

more reenactment than I thought
Apparently there was an earthquake at Nicomedia/Izmit on 24 August 358 AD (that's approx. 20 years after Constantine died there).

2001.08.17 10:45
Re: Helena: calendrical coincidences
So there it is for me, Helena, 18 August, Izmit earthquake of 1999 reenacting Nicomedia earthquake of (c.)356, Constantine not be ignored... ...and then earlier this year I'm doing a quick (other fact) check in Plutarch's Romulus, and it's there I "discover" that 18 August is the DATE-RAPE of the Sabine Women. This is all the core of what I call EPICENTRAL.

24 August 358 is indeed EPICENTRAL
The correct date of the late antique Nicomedia earthquake is 24 August 358. It appears the 18/19 August 1999 Izmit earthquake is indeed a (natural) reenactment of 358.
... all the saints whose feasts are celebrated on 16 August, including St. Arsacius, a Nicomedian hermit who lived in a tower, and apparently foretold of the 358 earthquake he died in.




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