Barcelona Pavilion

1929 Barcelona Pavilion
1985 Barcelona Pavilion redux

2004.06.19 07:35
cloning architecture - a global search
uneDITed wrote:
Now..in another galacting corner....as a brainteaser...what is the difference between the 'rebuilt Barcelona Pavilion' and the 'cloned Barcelona Pavilion' ...they're both in exactly the same plot..they are inside each other's gut..where does one start and the other end
Novel replies:
the 'rebuilt Barcelona Pavilion' and the 'cloned Barcelona Pavilion' are the same thing, not two different things. The original Barcelona Pavilion was destroyed, and the pavilion that exists now very closely reenacts the original.

2005.12.08 14:40
serpentOMA's pavillion
barcelona pavillion redux
You mean like a reenactment of a reenactment?--Installation of the 1986 Milan Triennale




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