Villa Savoye

1929 Villa Savoye
1934 Courthouse with Garage
1951-53 Governor's Palace
1964 Palais des Congrès
1964- Hejduk reenacting Le Corbusier
1991 Villa dall'Ava
1998 Maison à Bordeaux

Hejduk architecture (early, eg, Bye) as ongoing reenactment of Le Corbusier, specifically the Carpenter Center at Harvard.

2005.02 26 13:01
Re: guthrie decon
This architecture immediately reminded me of the ancient Roman Tomb of Eurysaces (circa 30 BC).
I see reenactionary architecturism here in a funny kind of way. Given Le Corbusier's admiration of grain silo architectures, can the Tomb of Eurysaces be seen as an unlikely precursor of the whole "box raised on pilotis" paradigm? The holes in the tomb 'box' also remind me of Koolhaas' House in Bordeaux, which is indeed a reenactionary riff off the 'box raised on pilotis' paradigm.

2005.05.06 17:24
Koolhaas versus the Actor
OK, I see what you mean, but....
There are many historical examples were architecture references itself, e.g., renaissance architecture referencing classical architecture, or even the second pyramid at Giza referencing the Great Pyramid at Giza.
Le Corbusier is just as much a reenactor as Stirling and the NY5 are reenactors. Le Corbusier reenacted machine forms and ship forms and American agricultural architecture forms. And Le Corbusier even ultimately reenacted himself--the Palais des Congres (1964) reenacts the Villa Savoye (1929)
I don't buy the notion of there ever really being a split from the symbolic system. Degrees of separation, yes, but no real split.
Stirling is a consumate reenactionary architect, and he knew it, but he put most of his clues in his architecture only--although his entry for Roma Interrotta is an overt reference to Piranesi's Campo Marzio plan and reenactionary architecturism. Just as Rossi reenacted the Bustum Hadriani with the Modena Cemetery, but it doesn't look like he ever told Tafuri about it. Yes, Rossi was silent, as are most architects when it comes to telling others where their real 'originality' comes from.




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