La Tourette

1956-60 La Tourette
1972 "From Latourette to Neiman-Marcus
Boston City Hall
City Hall, Izmir
1996 Cathedral

Costa Iberica is a reenactment of Learning from Las Vegas. Costa Iberica goes so far as to suggest a design that reenacts Las Vegas itself, plus a design that reenacts Villa Radiuse (sp?). I could use many digital shots of Atlantic City and Wildwood (and other Jersey shore towns?) to illustrate my ideas.
There is an interesting illustration of how Le Corbusier's La Tourette was "reenacted" by subsequent architectural designs by architects obviously inspired by Le Corbusier's building. This makes me feel like there is perhaps a little more on "reenactment" within the theories of Venturi and Scott Brown. Don't forget the line about "copying with wit" (or something like that).

2008.02.10 10:35
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The reenactment Villa Savoye pictured at the top of this thread is not necessarily the product of plagiarism, for, if the architect of this new house acknowledged Le Corbusier and his Villa Savoye design, then no plagiarism is involved. The architect of the Villa Savoye reenactment may be guilty of copyright infringement, however. (Plagiarism and copyright infringement are not same exact thing.)
Likewise, the reenactionary City Hall of Izmir is not necessarily the product of plagiarism if the architect acknowledged the City Hall of Boston. Moreover, the powers-that-be of Izmir may have even requested that their new City Hall be like the City Hall of Boston. Here, copyright infringement is not an issue because the City Hall of Izmir is not a close-to-exact reenactment of the City Hall of Boston.
Architectural design inspiration often manifests a form of reenactment.
Orhan, you acknowledge Le Corbusier now, but did you acknowledge Le Corbusier and his Olivetti Center design back in 1980?
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