Learning from Las Vegas

1972 Learning from Las Vegas
2001 Costa Iberica
2002 Learning from Girard Avenue

Costa Iberica is a reenactment of Learning from Las Vegas. Costa Iberica goes so far as to suggest a design that reenacts Las Vegas itself, plus a design that reenacts Villa Radiuse (sp?). I could use many digital shots of Atlantic City and Wildwood (and other Jersey shore towns?) to illustrate my ideas.
There is an interesting illustration of how Le Corbusier's La Tourette was "reenacted" by subsequent architectural designs by architects obviously inspired by Le Corbusier's building. This makes me feel like there is perhaps a little more on "reenactment" within the theories of Venturi and Scott Brown. Don't forget the line about "copying with wit" (or something like that).

2001.08.18 15:32
Happy Saint Helena Day
...1st edition Learning from Las Vegas I just got via eBay ($275), Costa Iberica (by MVRDV and which I believe reenacts Learning from Las Vegas) and the new Koolhaas/OMA Projects for PRADA (which arrived via Amazon/UPS last Thursday afternoon...
... to Ryerss Mansion and Museum in Burholme Park. I've 'rediscovered' this place last December. It's one of those places you pass all the time, but never bother to look inside of. It's my new favorite place. I describe it as "'Venturi Shops' 100 years ago" because the VSBA 1995 exhibit Venturi Shops unwittingly reenacts exactly what Ryerss Mansion and Museum is, namely an exhibition of things bought during excursions of India and the Far East (albeit 100 years ago). Because Ryress is actually a museum of someone's shopping, there is an interesting Koolhaasian reenactment manifested here as well. Additionally, my new typological interest is houses that morph into museums, of which Ryerss Mansion is a prime example of as well.

Learning from Girard Avenue
...a reenactment of Learning from Las Vegas.




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